Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sorry it's been quiet for so long, not really had much to blog about recently.

Anyway I finished off the Terminators for Richard's 1000 Sons, so that's another 19 points to ad for the year.

Currently I have the final 10 Chaos Marines close to being finished, just need to finish some highlighting and black lining, and then I just have to paint a Icon bearer and 4 Lascannon wielding Havoks and I'll be finished.

In between finishing the Terminators and getting the final 15 CSM from Richard I was planning to paint up a few of my Pulp City figures during a week off from work that I'd booked. Unfortunately I ended up feeling pretty crappy for most of the week so only got a little work done on one model, The Gentleman.

He's not completely finished yet, but I only need to do some work on the guns and the base & he'll be done. I'm really happy with the way he's turning out, I've tried to give him a darker complexion that I normally paint to give him a more Latino look to match his background and I've probably got more layers painted onto the suit than any model I've ever painted. I think it's come out pretty well, don't you think?

Right, so with 2009 almost done, now my thoughts turn to 2010, and plans for painting are getting laid down. Obviously I'm virtually incapable of actually seeing most of my plans through, as the past 2 years worth of blogs will attest to, however, I'm not going to let that stop me from trying again:)

Currently my plans are as follows:

1 - Finish Richard's Devourers for Confrontation
2 - Paint Rob's Dark Elf Warhammer Fantasy army
3 - Paint up and start my solo fantasy campaign using Two Hour Wargames' Warrior Heroes rules
4 - Pulp City
5 - Malifaux

I may also pick up a few more bits for my 40k Red Scorpions Marines so that I can play some games at the club with a balanced force at around the 2000 points mark. Crimson Skies is always a possibility as well, along with some models for roleplaying with if I run another adventure, I don't know what yet, that will wait until Steve's run us through his Star Wars campaign to a natural break point and I'll poll the guys then to see what they want to do.

Well that's all for now, I hope you all have a good Christmas and get all the pewter & plastic that you asked for.

More soon.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

I hate the internet, it keeps throwing up far too many tempting things for me to want to do hobbywise...

Case in point, I'd resigned myself to not doing any of my origional ideas for pulp gaming till next year, then I came across this post on The Lead Adventures forum and suddenly I have a major craving to invest heavily in Crimson Skies again.

Case 2, I pop over to Worldworks & lo-and-behold they've released the next two sets for their new Terrainlinx system, they both look stunning and now I want to go build Himmelveil and play around in it.

Also, I went and picked up Wolfenstein for my 360 on Friday and Wierd War 2 gaming is also festering in the back of my mind as a fun thing to get into, especially as I've been reading the rulebook for Exile Studios excellent RPG Hollow Earth Expedition and the idea seeds of occult Nazi's and pulp adventure are definitely putting down roots in my brain.

Anyway, Pulp city is up next whatever else I decide to do, I've almost completed Richard's 1000 Sons, and I intend to get a few PC figures done before I get the last 14 figures from Richard to paint, so hopefully next week there'll actually be some pics of new stuff up here and not just me babbling on incessantly ;)

More soon


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Good progress has been made lately on Richard's 1000 Sons. With 9 more completed and handed over I now have 10 Terminators waiting on basing and varnishing and the final 9 Terminators outside with their undercoats drying, so all being equal I should have everything that was given to me completed by the first club night of November. That'll leave just 14 figures for him to find & put together and handed over for painting and his big Apocalypse game against Mike will finally be on.

Once the 1000 Sons are done I'm going to move on and get Pulp City up sorted to demo at the club, it's a game I really want to play and along with Malifaux is a game I really want to focus on next year.

On the Malifaux front I've gone ahead and ordered 2 new starter sets, The Ortegas and Som'er Teeth Jones' Gremlin gang. There is some method to my madness for buying these. Looking at the 2 starter crews I had I realised they were both entirely close combat orientated and I don't think that's a good idea for demoing the rules to people. The 2 new starters are much more balanced with range as well as CC capabilities. it should make for a fun demo, plus the gremlins and their wild pigs should provide some comedy value :)

After that I'm still a little undecided, I haven't focused on Pulp gaming as I'd intended this year, (Pulp City not withstanding), and Crimson Skies is still a project I want to pursue, but I doubt I'll get to it this year, we'll see how things go.

That's all for this update.

More Soon


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Malifaux Review

Ok, something a little different this time out.

I thought I'd try and write a review of the new skirmish game Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures, never done anything like this before so lets see if I ramble on half as much as I think I may :)

The Miniatures

Ok, so the reason I play a game or a faction/army within a game is because the shiny miniatures attract my attention and get me all excited and buying a game faction/army in the first place.

Wyrd Miniatures have been producing a range of very cool mini's for a couple of years before they had a ruleset to go with them and were a range I kept looking at. At the time however they weren't easy to get in this country so I resisted. Until Malifaux was announced that is, at which point I promptly ordered a fair few: for the Resurrectionists I got Morgue Master McMourning; Sebastian, his assistant; a number of Flesh Constructs; and a couple of Nurses. For the Arcanists I got Ramos; a couple of Steampunk Arachnid Swarms; and an Executioner Class Steamborg.

The models maketh the game in my mind and I do like the models produced so far, if I have one niggling issue it is the fact that some of the models look a little cartoonish, whilst others far more realistic (or as realistic as you can get when you're dealing with a steampunk game), the looks of Ramos & McMourning are a good example of this difference in style.

Still, as I say, it's only a minor niggle and quite frankly the models are very well done, so I can't bitch too loudly as they all have endearing qualities that I like a lot.

Also, Wyrd make a number of metal base inserts & accessories, I've used the Victorian sets for the Arcanists, that are designed to be inserted into the 30-50mm bases that every new game coming out seem to use now. These inserts look fantastic & I really like them, especially as they give some nice weight to the bases that resin ones don't, (having said that, the resin ones I'm using for the Resurrectionists are from Dragonforge & are very good as well. You just don't get the weight that I like to feel on my models...more proof that I'm getting older I guess ;)

The Rulebook

Next up, we have the very nice 212 page, full colour, soft cover rulebook.

Of the 212 pages, about 88 pages hold the rules, 81 pages are faction lists and the rest is background and a thoroughly entertaining story that runs through the book introducing the world and some of the main players in the universe.


After the miniatures, the thing that really gets me into a game is the background. I'm a sucker for a good alternate history, and whilst Malifaux doesn't have the most detailed alt-history out there I think it works nicely.

The game is set in an alternate reality where magic is real and anyone on Earth can use it to some degree.

By the late 1700's however magic power was on the decline and desperate steps were being taken to try and discover new sources of magical power. Soon they found another world just outside our existence that radiated vast amounts of magical energy, this world was only separated from ours by a thin veil of reality, one which was breached by the most powerful spell ever cast, one that killed a vast number of lesser magic users helping the casting.

On the other side of the breach they discovered the abandoned city of Malifaux and soon after they discovered Soulstone, the source of the magical energy. This substance boosted the users magic powers, but got depleted over time, however, it got it's name from it's ability to be recharged by being close to a person when they died.

Malifaux was colonised, but after only 10 years an unknown enemy attacked Malifaux, brutally killed everyone there and sealed the breach to our world in the space of one night.
100 years to the hour later the breach mysteriously reopened and soon Malifaux and its environs around it were once again being colonised & the mining of Soulstone begun once again.

It is now 1901, 4 years after the breach reopened & Malfaux is populated by convict labor and numerous individuals looking to gain power by/through Soulstone, leading to numerous factions vying for control of the city & the Soulstone mining operations, not to mention the re-emergence of The Neverborn, creatures from our very nightmares that claim the World of Malifaux as their own.

The Rules

Right, now onto the Nitty-Gritty part, the rules themselves.

The first big difference between Malifaux and other games is that there are no dice involved in the game at all. Instead the game used a Fate Deck of 54 cards (a standard deck of cards, including Jokers, can be used. However, Wyrd produce Fate decks that are definitely worth picking up IMO).

The deck has 4 suits: Rams; Crows; Masks; & Tomes. Numbered 1 (ace) to 13 with 2 Jokers, Black and Red (Black is the worst card in the game = 0, has no suit and must be used if drawn, Red is the best card in the game = 14 and can be any suit)

Turn sequence:

Each turn is split up a follows.

1- Draw Phase - Each player has their own Fate deck to use and every round you draw a Control Hand of up to 6 or 7 cards, (depending on size of the game), that can be used to help your crew Cheat Fate in Duels.

2- Activation Phase – The game uses an I-go-you-go structure with each player activating 1 model at a time, then passing play to their opponent and so on until each model has been activated.

Every model comes with a 4-sided stat card:

On the front you get the models name, cost and suit that the model is associated with (each of the 4 main factions are associated with a specific suit in the Fate Deck). On the back you have the models stats, special rules and wound markers. In the center of the card you get a detailed description of the various Actions & Triggers that model has access to.

Each model has 2 Action Points to spend in a round and all actions have a cost associated with it (0,1 or 2pts usually), there are universal actions that anyone can use and model also has specific actions that only they can do that are listed on it's card.

Any check is made during a models activation is accomplished via a Duel, all types of which involve the same basic procedure:

1-Activating model flips the top card of their Fate Deck revealing a card, adds it's value and suit to the relevant Stat, add any modifiers and get a total.
2- The model may then either Cheat Fate, by changing the flipped Fate Card with one of his/her Control Hand cards, or Use a Soulstone (if they have the ability) to flip a second Fate Card adding it's value and suit to the first card (you may do both the above if you wish)
3-Calculate final total, if you scored higher than the Target Number then you succeed. Whether you win of loose you may activate 1 triggered effect if you meet all the requirements for it.

For combat, casting spells or any opposed action, both the attacking and defending players perform the above procedures and try to score higher than each other.

3- Closing Phase – various effects wear off during this phase and you re-shuffle your Fate Deck.


I have to say I really like the way the rules read and work. I think this is the first time I've ever read a set of rules where I've made educated guesses on how various aspects of the game work and actually been proved right. I really like the Fate Decks too, they bring a nicely different feel to proceedings and God knows, any game where I don't have to roll dice has got to be good (I might as well be known as “Anything-But-a-1-Jon” with some of my dice rolling).

I also really like the fact that even damage is random, you flip a Fate Card to determine the amount of damage you do to your opponent, which will be either Weak, Moderate or Severe depending on the card. I think that will lend itself to some tense battles where one side will need to kill a opponents character before their next turn only to inflict a flesh-wound on them instead and such like.

The Factions

There are 5 faction in the game, 4 main ones and The Outcasts who are mainly mercenaries, individuals looking to make a quick buck and Gremlins that live in the Bayou that surrounds Malifaux.

The 4 main Factions are:

The Guild, rulers of Malifaux who try to control the supply of Soulstone back to Earth. The faction can be split further into groups that specialise against each of the other factions (The Ortegas are Neverborn hunters, Lady Justice's crew tackle the Resurrectionists and Sonnia Criid acts against the Arcanists);

The Resurrectionists, master of Necromancy and surgical re-animation, they are individuals who hear the whispers of Malifaux's dark past guiding them in their depraved art;

The Arcanists, rogue magicians who have an underground movement smuggling Soulstone out of Malifaux under The Guild's nose;

The Neverborn, creatures from our very nightmares given form and purpose, to kill everyone in Malifaux.

To create a crew you first choose a faction and then a Soulstone value for the game (Soulstones are used to buy your force), Scraps are between 1-45 Soulstones and use only 1 Master per Crew, whereas a Brawl is between 30-70 Soulstones and you have 2 Masters per crew. A basic starter set battle would be a 25 Soulstone Scrap.

Like with the new Warmachine MkII rules you don't pay for your Master to lead the crew, you get him/her for free. The rest of your crew are bought using the Soulstones decided upon with any unspent Soulstones being added to the Soulstone Cache that your Master has to give you your crew's starting Soulstone pool which can be used to help you Cheat Fate during duels. And there you have it, it's as simple as that. Your not limited to just your own faction though, Mercenary's can be hired by anyone (up to a maximum of 2) but they cost a little more to hire than their card indicates.

Before battle commences you can also choose Strategy's and Schemes. Both give games more of an edge, with each giving Victory Points for succeeding in them. Strategy's are public knowledge, whereas Schemes are kept private.


I really like the factions, they have a nice and distinct difference between them and they are each full of interesting characters and minions. The Strategy's and Schemes are a nice touch and I think they'll add another level to the games...providing of course the urge to kill the entire enemy crew off in a bloody orgy of carnage can be overcome to actually remember that you have Strategy's and Schemes to achieve in the first place :)

Final Thoughts:

All in all I'm really looking forward to trying this game out soon. The rules are very well put together, look fantastic and will hopefully play as well as I think they will. The models are full of character and the background in the book provides a lot of them with a genuine personality to go along with the the front cover says, this is a “Character-driven skirmish game” and I think the battles fought with these guys will indeed become stories in the overarching tale of Malifaux.

I recommend these rules and the miniatures to anyone. It's a relatively cheap game to get into, only a starter set (around £18-£23), deck of cards (a cheap set from a corner store will do to get you started) and the Rules (£23ish) are needed to play, obviously a friend to play against will help, (and you could always go halves on the rulebook), but that's it. Not bad really considering the cost of a lot of games out there now.

Anyway, this is way longer than I expected it to be, but I'm pretty happy with the result. I hope I didn't bore you too much with it ;)

More soon


Friday, 25 September 2009

This one's for you Steve :)

Right here we are again, a quick blog this time round, possibly followed by a somewhat rambling one in a day or so maybe, so lets get going with the one that may make sense then shall we?

Leading off today with the first of Richard's 1000 Son's Terminators.

I've started on the metal one first as they're the most finicky of the models left, with a lot of detail that I generally hate to paint but usually looks pretty cool when done. Since this pic was taken I've actually finished them completely and will take new pictures when I've got a few other bits done.

I've also decided to change the way I do my painting points, from now on, rather than keeping track of what type of model it is I'll assign points based on the model being painted as follows:

15mm-20mm = 0.5pts/25mm-32mm = 1pt/40mm+ = 2-3pts (depending on model). Vehicles will be based on size up to a total of 5pts (unless it's frickin' huge, then I'll rethink)

So, with my uncharted Seas stuff giving me 15 points, (3 for the Battleship, 2 for each Cruiser & 1 each for the Frigates), and the 8 completed Terminators gives me 23 points in total to add on to what's already been done.

I've also added a running total of my points over to the right underneath my Gamer Card so I don't have to keep going back to the last post I remembered to add the totals to to find the bloody thing :)

Anyway, on with the blog


Next up are the current WIP bits and pieces I've started, beginning with a bit of work on a couple of small islands for Uncharted Seas.

Unfortunately those are the only 2 pictures that have come out properly so the rest of my WiPs will be text only.

I've stuck together my first Malifaux starter set, The Miners and Steamfitters crew and have received my Dragonforge bases so will be able to get the second set put together before I go back to work next Wednesday.

I've also done a bit more for my solo fantasy game that I will do at some point in the future, in this case getting the final 2 models for my hero team sorted out. I've decided to go with a unified look to the team & to this end I've decided to use models sculpted by Werner Klocke, a couple of his sculpts from Reaper's Warlord range & a couple from his own Freebooter Miniatures (with 1 minor conversion, but still using parts from one of his miniatures).

Right, that's all for now, will try to blog again before I go back to work, but I need to get my thoughts in order first.

More Soon


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Uncharted Seas Conclusion

And so I have finally finished my Orc fleet, final WiP shots below:

Ships completed, sails almost done, bases still to do.

All done, just needs the sails glued to the ships and a spray of varnish.

The bases were a bit of a headache, one of those "Seemed like a good idea at the time" things for a while, but at the second time of asking I think I nailed it, really happy with the way it all panned out in the end and I have to admit they work a lot better than I thought they would.

I've taken some proper shots of the fleet and put them up in there own gallery over at my Displaced Miniatures site:

So with that project out of the way I now intend to get the remaining squads for Richards Thousand Sons finished, then I will move onto Pulp City & Malifaux, 2 new skirmish games that I'm keen to demo down the club.

More on all these projects soon.

Till next time


Sunday, 19 July 2009

Uncharted Seas Update pt.3

3 updates in 3 weeks, I think that may be a record for me :)

Anyway, here's the next set of pictures of my starter fleet:

Here's the fleet after undercoating & drybrushing of the bare wooden parts, canvas on the white sails painted.

Green parts painted & drybrushed, some of the bare wood re-highlighted and the 1st stage of the metal painted. Black sail painted & 1st coat of Spearshaft Brown painted on masts.

Next up I'll apply a wash to the metal & then work on the rusty parts and the prows, also need to do 2 more coats on the masts.

More next time


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Uncharted Seas Continues

Well, Here we are, back again.

All the basing has now been done for my fleet, just got to get the painting started now.

Final 3 Frigates

The Remaining Cruisers & Group Shot

And finally, the Battleship

I'll be getting them undercoated tomorrow hopefully and I'll start painting next weekend as I've decided to study my Proofreading course for the next couple of weeks to try & get closer to getting completing it and starting to work freelance.

In other miniatures news, I've finally settled on doing some solo gaming adventures using Two Hour Wargames rules primarily, although I have plan to do some Pulp games using Rattrap Productions .45 Adventures rules set, but thats a way off for now.

I'll be starting with a fantasy based adventure using THW Warrior Heroes rules and an adventure set in a world of my own creation that I started working on many years ago but have recently come back to and focused on, re-jigged and, hopefully, improved upon. More on that in the coming months as I prepare for it.

In the gaming front, US isn't the only new game I'm looking at getting into.

Pulp City is a game of Superhero skirmishes that I've been a fan of since I saw the first model they released,(well, it was a gorilla with a chaingun :), & I have now finally ordered my first models from them, the Ape Revolution Committee members Guerilla, Chimp Chi, Ape Bot & Virus.

I'm also going to get into Wyrd Miniatures' Malifaux skirmish game. I really like the setting and the miniatures and I am intriged about the rules as they promise something different. I currently have 2 Crews, one from the Arcanist Faction (Miners & Steamfitters Union) & one from the Resurrectionists (Morgue Master McMourning & co.).

More on all of these as we go.

till next time...


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Uncharted Seas

So, the club seems to have adopted the Uncharted Seas rules by Spartan Games as it's newest obsession. We haven't really had a game where the majority of the club were interested in playing since Warmachine came out back in 2003, so it's nice to have that enthusiasm in the club again, it's been a while.

Anyway, I've picked up an Orc fleet starter set:

Spartan have changed a few of the things about the game and box contents so I ended up waiting about a month for the set to come through, but the wait was worth it and getting the templates and tokens in the box now is a help (although the Turning Templates are missing the Arc of Fire arrows so I'll have to draw them on myself).

The resin on the ships is nice an crisply cast, the detail is very clear with not too much flash and very easy to clean up. The metal sails were a little more of a problem, with a rather annoying mold line right at the bottom of all the sails with some quite thick flash on a couple of them that obscured some of the detailing that I had to use my files to re-carve into the metal, but overall it's an impressive little set.

DAY 1:

Cleaned up all the models & washed the ships themselves in warm, soapy water.

Cut bases for the ships and glued ships in place.

DAY 2:

Began making waves using greenstuff on the bases on 3 of the frigates, used some Woodland Scenics Water Effects to create rough water around the paddle wheels.

So far so good, I wasn't sure about the greenstuff waves at first, but I think they'll be OK. Just got to do the rest of them now :)

More soon.


Sunday, 28 June 2009

OK, I have now made purchase of 2 new desk lamps to replace the ones I broke so hopefully next time I'll actually have some photos to show off.

I have updated my Displaced Miniatures page with some of the old pictures from the club, (Man, how did I get by without Dullcote :), go check them out.

More next week hopefully

Well, I've finally got the first 2 units for Richard's 1000 Sons completed and handed over.

They came out looking good, though I do need to stop having bright ideas like putting squad symbols on shoulder pads and then using authentic Egyptian symbol...I should know better by now. Still, I don't think they look too bad, at least the most complicated symbol, (the Scarab), has been done, the rest are all pretty simple from now on.

Still no photos, but I'll be popping over the Argos in a few minutes to pick up a couple of new lights, so hopefully I'll be able to start getting photos taken soon. Plus, the club that was once PEWC has officially now become Enfield Gamers and the old site taken down, so I now have a copy of all the old pictures from the site which I'll try and get uploaded to my Displaced Miniatures page today as well.

On other news, I've noticed a new Pulp era board game coming out in October which I'm definitely going to pick up when it comes out, The Adventurers. Looks a lot of fun & the character model look fabulous :)

anyway, hopefully should post again later with some pictures and whatnot so speak to you then.

Painted to date: 27 (26 infantry/1 mount)


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Another 2 months & no update, sorry about that.

Still no pictures, but things a re progressing.

It took me a while (6 weeks) to paint the first 9 models for Richard's Thousand Son's (well, technically 4 weeks painting time, 2 weeks I couldn't hold anything in my left hand so that stopped me doing anything), but thankfully I've got back into the swing of things now and, with the help of my new P3 Wet Pallet (which is a godsend ) I've got the 2nd full unit of 9 done in about 10-11 days all told & I've got the 8 remaining Chaos space marines from the 2 incomplete squads almost sorted.

I've still got to decide on the symbols that will be painted on the shoulder pads and bases and pick up some flock to base them with, but the bulk of it's all done.

Anyway, that's all for now, so till next time.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Painting Update

Well, I've begun to paint things up for people, unfortunately I haven't got photos yet, but I need to pick up some new lights as the 2 I currently have have snapped off their bases. Next time I won't bother to secure them I'll use the lamps they come with.

Anyway, to kick things off, and to get used to painting multiple mini's at one time, I painted up 9 Dark Elf mini's for Rob to use in the Song of Blades & Heros campaign...just at the point they finished it...Doh, will try to do better next time, still need to do the rider for the Cold One though, but I need to sort out a new undercoating stand first.

I have also begun work on Richard's, (shadoblade), Thousand Son's. Which are taking a little longer than I'd hoped, but I am only on the first sqaud so all the little bit's I'm finding out about and having to redo/correct should mean I'll be able to blast through the rest at a relatively decent pace.

I used the GW Spray gun for the first time on the squad...not greatly impressed by the whole process, but I think it'll get better, it's not like I've invested in an airbrush set or anything, you get what you pay for.

Painted to date: 9 (8 infantry/1 mount)

Hopefully more soon, J

Sunday, 1 February 2009

First Proper update of 2009

Right, January is now but a memory, and we're beginning February waiting for a heavy snowfall to begin any time today & all day tomorrow, with the temperature suitably chilly and dropping rapidly, I think it's time to stay in and get some painting done.

Most of January I spent faffing about painting a little bit, building a little bit, planning a little bit & basically getting absolutely nothing completed whilst I was waiting for Richard to put together the Thousand Sons models he wants me to paint for him.

He got them, (or at least the bulk of them), to me last Tuesday & today is the day I start the prep-work.

Here's what I've got to work with so far:

From top to bottom: 1 unit Chaos Space Marines; 1 unit Thousand Sons (6 to come); 1 unit CSM (4 to come); 1 Havok unit (3 to come + 1 l. arm for Las Gunner); 1 unit CSM; 3 units Chaos Terminators. Currently missing the above mentioned minis, plus 1 more 9-man unit, (another Havok unit I think).

As you can see most have had some kind of paint on them, (from the look of some of them, quite a few coats of paint, the detail on a few is almost nonexistent), so a few will need stripping before I can get ant paint on them, but I'm hoping to get that all sorted this week, then next week I start the painting proper.

Right, so the first project of the year is now officially underway, so hopefully regular updates will now follow.

Oh, and here comes the snow I mentioned earlier...oh joy, time to wrap up warm folks :)

More soon.


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Back Again pt. 2 - The Year Ahead

So this year I'm not planning on being quite as specific about what personal projects I undertake.
My brain doesn't work that way, so it'll be better for me if I have a few ideas I want to do and pick the one that's most interesting to me at the time of starting.

So, "What do I have lined up then?" I hear you ask.

Well here are some of the ideas I have currently:
1- Pulp, pulp & more pulp. I really want to get a lot of pulp models painted & I want to use the .45 Adventures rules I've been picking up over the last year or more as well.
2- Crimson Skies. This is the one project I'm determined to complete, I have always loved FASA's old Crimson Skies rules, but I've only ever had 6 planes to use , so I intend to invest in a lot more planes as well as getting them painted up.
3 - Confrontation Goblins. I picked up a few of the old Rackham metal Samurai-inspired Goblins shortly before ver. 4 came out & I recently bought some more at a ridiculously low price, so I'd like to get them painted up as they're lovely models, plus Scrollmaster wants a game of Confrontation ver. 3 at some point and I can also use them for Songs of Blades & Heroes that we've started playing down the club quite a lot lately.
4 - Terrain. Various ideas crop up here and there for cool looking terrain, but I'm usually hopeless at sticking to one genre for too long, so I'll do bits and pieces as I feel the urge.
5 - Zombies & Survivors. I've had Two-Hour Wargames All Things Zombie rules for about the same length of time as .45 Adventures, and it's about time I used them as well, so I'll be looking to pick up some zombies to go with the Hasslefree Survivors I've had sitting in my lead mountain for ages. Only now I want to get them painted up and used.

I'm sure there'll be other tings that crop up, I have a vague Idea for a Cawdor gang for Necromunda, but I haven't really found any models that I want to use as the basis for them yet & having now found my Starship Troopers rulebooks and figures again I may try to do something with them, we'll see.

I still have to complete Richard's Devourers & Rob's Dark Elves ( well, actually I still have to actually start Rob's Dark Elves, but that's just semantics). Plus on Tuesday I'll be getting another painting order from Richard that should see my yearly total get off to a good start, 81 (9 squads of 9) Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines (including 1 squad of Terminators), these guy are the priority at the moment as they're needed for an Apocalypse game in the near future, so they will be my focus once I get hold of them, (both painting-wise and for the blog), I'm going to attempt to do 1 squad a week, with 1 week for prepping & undercoating everything, but as I haven't speed painted a force this size before I'm not sure if that's realistic or not. I've invested in one of the new GW Spray Guns and have all the paint I think I'll need, but I guess it'll really be a case of the proof of the pudding will be in the this space.

So, that's basically the rough plan at the moment, but don't forget it could change at any time. Hopefully though most of the things I want to do will get done, we'll all just have to wait & see.

More soon.