Saturday, 4 July 2009

Uncharted Seas

So, the club seems to have adopted the Uncharted Seas rules by Spartan Games as it's newest obsession. We haven't really had a game where the majority of the club were interested in playing since Warmachine came out back in 2003, so it's nice to have that enthusiasm in the club again, it's been a while.

Anyway, I've picked up an Orc fleet starter set:

Spartan have changed a few of the things about the game and box contents so I ended up waiting about a month for the set to come through, but the wait was worth it and getting the templates and tokens in the box now is a help (although the Turning Templates are missing the Arc of Fire arrows so I'll have to draw them on myself).

The resin on the ships is nice an crisply cast, the detail is very clear with not too much flash and very easy to clean up. The metal sails were a little more of a problem, with a rather annoying mold line right at the bottom of all the sails with some quite thick flash on a couple of them that obscured some of the detailing that I had to use my files to re-carve into the metal, but overall it's an impressive little set.

DAY 1:

Cleaned up all the models & washed the ships themselves in warm, soapy water.

Cut bases for the ships and glued ships in place.

DAY 2:

Began making waves using greenstuff on the bases on 3 of the frigates, used some Woodland Scenics Water Effects to create rough water around the paddle wheels.

So far so good, I wasn't sure about the greenstuff waves at first, but I think they'll be OK. Just got to do the rest of them now :)

More soon.


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