Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Welcome and a Whole bunch of Pictures

Long time no update, sorry about that, real life issues have kept me away.

Thankfully I have not been kept away from my minis though. But before I show you my latest pieces I'd like to welcome my latest follower, wardy-la, who almost has more blogs under his belt than I've updated this one all year, I salute you sir and I'll try and do better :)

Right, rambling done, now for my latest pieces. First up other people's bits:

Charlie's Kingdom of Britannia Fleet for Dystopian Wars.




Doncaster Bombers


Less individuality than the Japanese fleet, partially because I found the model lent themselves to it less, plus the Brits have a more traditional approach to colour schemes (when I did a bit of research I discovered the Japanese had 5 shipyard building their vessels during WWII and the paint used in each was slightly different which I used as an excuse to give the somewhat varied look I did with their DW fleet).

Next up is the latest in Richard C's Thousand Sons and Devourer's of Vile-Tis minis.

In Rich's quest to have every CSM hero leading a unit of his Thousand Sons here's Khan the Betrayer in full livery.


Master of Carnage

Both of these guys have been almost done for about a year now and it's nice to finally get them completed, just five more to go .

Now onto my stuff, starting with the last of my Pulp City minis:

Twilight, from The Coven faction

Trail, Master of Mesmerism

Elder Grimm

First two minis have taken me ages to paint, just couldn't get a colour scheme I liked for either of them, still not entirely sure about Trail but at least he's done. The Grimm was a fun and quick job and I enjoyed doing it.

Next a random monster:

He's called a Warwolf, from the now defunct Ilyad Games.

And finally, with the recent arrival of a gentleman by the name of Ed to the club I actually have someone to play Malifaux against so I have begun to get my crews painted, starting with the leaders:

Perdita Ortega of the Guild.

Ramos, Arcanist.

And a reverse shot to see the cat's face (he's from the Victorian Bases-Accessories pack Wyrd do).

Dr Douglas McMourning, Resurrectionist.

I currently have the rest of McMourning's crew on the workbench along with some more of Charlie's DW mini's and a couple of Richard C's as well, so hopefully I'll have even more for you all sooner rather than later.

So 'til next time, take care.