Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There Will be Blood

A quick update today to show off the last of the models for Richard's Thousand Sons:


Hitech Miniatures Terrorizer Morbus

Hitech Miniatures Terrorizer Crusher

Hitech Miniatures Terrorizer Ripper

Terrorizer group shot
 The Terrorizer's from Hitech Miniatures are going to be used as Mutilators as far as I'm aware, they're fun to paint and have a lot of detail, I really like how they came out.

On another note, a friend of mine, Ian, is hoping to take part in a charity bike ride in Africa in November for Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, if you feel inclined he has a Just Giving page for donations:  Follow this link.  If you can give anything it would be appreciated.

'Til next time.

Take care.


Friday, 14 March 2014

Welcome to an actual update

First up I'd like to welcome Sidewinder to the blog, thank you for following my occasional ramblings and mini photos.

And on those lines I'd like to show you the two Dystopian Wars Land Fleets that I've finally got painted up for Charlie, first up the Empire of the Blazing Sun:

O-I 'Taka-Ashi' Heavy Walker w/HQ Tower

O-I 'Taka-Ashi' Heavy Walker w/Main Turret

Type II 'Chi-Ri' Medium Tank

Ho-I Class Mobile Bombard

Ke-Ho Small Tanks
There are 11 of the small tank bases as somehow one got into the Kingdom of Britannia sea fleet box instead of a flyer ?!?

And speaking of the Kingdom of Britannia, here is their land fleet:

Sovereign Class Land Ship w/ Cathedral HQ

Sovereign Class Land Ship w/ Mortars

Sovereign Class Land Ship w/Top Mounted Turrets

MKII Class Tank

Cromwell Class Bombards

Terrier Class Small Tank
I hope you like these guys, they were quite fun to paint (if a little tricky in places).

Next up will be some more of Richard's Thousand Sons, maybe even by the end of the weekend.

Until then, take care.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Show & Tell

Finally got round to taking some photos of my recently finished miniatures.

But before I show those off I want to point people to the Pulp City Kickstarter which is going great guns at the moment, already funded and hitting stretch goals fairly regularly and there are still 11 days to go.

If you want to see how it's all progressing you can go to Kicktraq, a site that shows the progress and stats for Kickstarter projects and you can see where it's at.

And now onto the pictures, as I said last time in order to get into painting I started with a few simple miniatures to get back into it:

Sovereign from Pulp City
Armed Archeologist from Copplestone Castings
Tweedy Mattison from Crooked Dice

Mickael from Hasslefree Miniatures

And as well as them here are some of Richard's next batch of Thousand Sons, this time Warp Talons:

Well, that's it for this post, next time I should have the the rest of Richard's Thousand Sons and Charlie's 2 land fleets for Dystopian Wars.

'Til next time.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Out With the Old, In With the New

So, somewhat predictably after a post title like "Back on Track" things went askew soon after and my hobby mojo vanished for well over 6 months and is still a little slow to return unfortunately.

But that was the year that was and I did get some new impetus at the end of November and December and have managed to do a bit more work on Richard & Charlie's minis, (my utmost apologies for the delay gents, but things are starting to look up), as well as 3 models that I did to try and get the hobby juices started again.  I'll get pictures up of them soon.

So what's in store for 2014?

Well it's starting well, with the Pulp City Kickstarter due January 30th (check the Facebook page and the Website for more info and previews) I've been saving up & really hope everything goes well for the guys.

For Christmas I got the Pulp Alley rules (from PA's uk supplier Statuesque Miniatures), which prompted me to dig out the Pulp era mini's I have and at least think about getting them painted (which believe me is a BIG improvement on where I was for most of the back half of last year).

The rules themselves look like a blast to play and I look forward to giving them a go.

Other than that I'm hoping to finally get down to the club this year (I only managed it once last year, and that the the first week of January), I'm not really interested in the games that are being played at the moment (Dreadball, X-wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing mostly) but as I've barely left the house for most the last 10 months, just being mildly social will be something of a shock to the system I expect.  And there's always the odd night where I can take something like Pulp City or Pulp Alley down and get some people to play.

Come to think of it I've got an Ottoman Fleet for Dystopian Wars somewhere that I need to actually take out of the box and do something with at some point...

So there's a few things on the horizon, hopefully I can get some photo's taken soon and then the next post will be more show than tell.

Til next time.

Take care