Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Out With the Old, In With the New

So, somewhat predictably after a post title like "Back on Track" things went askew soon after and my hobby mojo vanished for well over 6 months and is still a little slow to return unfortunately.

But that was the year that was and I did get some new impetus at the end of November and December and have managed to do a bit more work on Richard & Charlie's minis, (my utmost apologies for the delay gents, but things are starting to look up), as well as 3 models that I did to try and get the hobby juices started again.  I'll get pictures up of them soon.

So what's in store for 2014?

Well it's starting well, with the Pulp City Kickstarter due January 30th (check the Facebook page and the Website for more info and previews) I've been saving up & really hope everything goes well for the guys.

For Christmas I got the Pulp Alley rules (from PA's uk supplier Statuesque Miniatures), which prompted me to dig out the Pulp era mini's I have and at least think about getting them painted (which believe me is a BIG improvement on where I was for most of the back half of last year).

The rules themselves look like a blast to play and I look forward to giving them a go.

Other than that I'm hoping to finally get down to the club this year (I only managed it once last year, and that the the first week of January), I'm not really interested in the games that are being played at the moment (Dreadball, X-wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing mostly) but as I've barely left the house for most the last 10 months, just being mildly social will be something of a shock to the system I expect.  And there's always the odd night where I can take something like Pulp City or Pulp Alley down and get some people to play.

Come to think of it I've got an Ottoman Fleet for Dystopian Wars somewhere that I need to actually take out of the box and do something with at some point...

So there's a few things on the horizon, hopefully I can get some photo's taken soon and then the next post will be more show than tell.

Til next time.

Take care


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pulpcitizen said...

Glad to see you back blogging Jon, and good luck with 2014's hobby plans. :)