Sunday, 19 July 2009

Uncharted Seas Update pt.3

3 updates in 3 weeks, I think that may be a record for me :)

Anyway, here's the next set of pictures of my starter fleet:

Here's the fleet after undercoating & drybrushing of the bare wooden parts, canvas on the white sails painted.

Green parts painted & drybrushed, some of the bare wood re-highlighted and the 1st stage of the metal painted. Black sail painted & 1st coat of Spearshaft Brown painted on masts.

Next up I'll apply a wash to the metal & then work on the rusty parts and the prows, also need to do 2 more coats on the masts.

More next time


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Uncharted Seas Continues

Well, Here we are, back again.

All the basing has now been done for my fleet, just got to get the painting started now.

Final 3 Frigates

The Remaining Cruisers & Group Shot

And finally, the Battleship

I'll be getting them undercoated tomorrow hopefully and I'll start painting next weekend as I've decided to study my Proofreading course for the next couple of weeks to try & get closer to getting completing it and starting to work freelance.

In other miniatures news, I've finally settled on doing some solo gaming adventures using Two Hour Wargames rules primarily, although I have plan to do some Pulp games using Rattrap Productions .45 Adventures rules set, but thats a way off for now.

I'll be starting with a fantasy based adventure using THW Warrior Heroes rules and an adventure set in a world of my own creation that I started working on many years ago but have recently come back to and focused on, re-jigged and, hopefully, improved upon. More on that in the coming months as I prepare for it.

In the gaming front, US isn't the only new game I'm looking at getting into.

Pulp City is a game of Superhero skirmishes that I've been a fan of since I saw the first model they released,(well, it was a gorilla with a chaingun :), & I have now finally ordered my first models from them, the Ape Revolution Committee members Guerilla, Chimp Chi, Ape Bot & Virus.

I'm also going to get into Wyrd Miniatures' Malifaux skirmish game. I really like the setting and the miniatures and I am intriged about the rules as they promise something different. I currently have 2 Crews, one from the Arcanist Faction (Miners & Steamfitters Union) & one from the Resurrectionists (Morgue Master McMourning & co.).

More on all of these as we go.

till next time...


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Uncharted Seas

So, the club seems to have adopted the Uncharted Seas rules by Spartan Games as it's newest obsession. We haven't really had a game where the majority of the club were interested in playing since Warmachine came out back in 2003, so it's nice to have that enthusiasm in the club again, it's been a while.

Anyway, I've picked up an Orc fleet starter set:

Spartan have changed a few of the things about the game and box contents so I ended up waiting about a month for the set to come through, but the wait was worth it and getting the templates and tokens in the box now is a help (although the Turning Templates are missing the Arc of Fire arrows so I'll have to draw them on myself).

The resin on the ships is nice an crisply cast, the detail is very clear with not too much flash and very easy to clean up. The metal sails were a little more of a problem, with a rather annoying mold line right at the bottom of all the sails with some quite thick flash on a couple of them that obscured some of the detailing that I had to use my files to re-carve into the metal, but overall it's an impressive little set.

DAY 1:

Cleaned up all the models & washed the ships themselves in warm, soapy water.

Cut bases for the ships and glued ships in place.

DAY 2:

Began making waves using greenstuff on the bases on 3 of the frigates, used some Woodland Scenics Water Effects to create rough water around the paddle wheels.

So far so good, I wasn't sure about the greenstuff waves at first, but I think they'll be OK. Just got to do the rest of them now :)

More soon.