Sunday, 30 September 2012

Empire of the Dead

Today I'm going to put up the Westwind Productions' EotD miniatures I mentioned previously.

First up a little background to the game for those that don't know.

Set in 1888, it is a Victorian Science Fiction, (or Steampunk if you must), skirmish game with supernatural overtones.  The discovery of a new element, Infernium, has advanced Victorian science in leaps and bounds in a very short space of time, but it has also awakened the worst in human nature as well as drawn the attention of other, darker forces.

If you've ever played Mordheim or Necromunda then learning EotD will be easy as the game runs along similar lines with some nifty tweeks here and there to add some nice flavor, and as with both the aforementioned games there is a nice campaign/advancement system built into the rules as well.

For the starting forces I wanted a couple to take to the club with me to demo for people and decided upon The Brotherhood, members of the Holy Orders sworn to protect humanity from evil, and Nosferatu, out looking for new victim to drain the life-blood out of.

Both the games I've played so far went well with myself and my opponents coming away having had  fun games, I'd definitely like to play a campaign though as I think that is where the game will really come into it's own.

As for the models, first up are the Nosferatu:




Thrall #1

Thrall #2

Thrall #3

Bat Swarm #1

Bat Swarm #2

Next The Holy Orders:



Brother #1

Brother #2

Brother #3

Brother #4

Brother #5

Brother #6

And finally, I have also painted up the limited edition edition miniature I got with the rules:

All the paint jobs were kept pretty simple for the sake of speed as at the time I was really struggling to concentrate for very long at the painting table, but these guys really helped me get back into the swing of things with both the starter boxes taking me one week to paint each group of 8 miniatures.

The cobblestone bases are from Fenris Games.

Anyway, I hope you like the models.

Hopefully more miniatures soon, so until then take care.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Back to the Dark Side

As promised here are the latest batch of 40k Chaos Space Marine characters that I've painted for Richard's Thousand Sons.

Up first is the Forgeworld model Lugft Huron:

For the banner I've placed the name Rich has given him, (Ini-Herit), at the top.  The character is going to be used as the standard bearer for his 1st company, The Fellowship of the Scarab, and the closest ancient Egyptian word I could find with my Google-fu was Sen, which means brother, so Sen-Scarab means Brother Scarab which seems like a good choice and it fit the available space nicely.

Up next is Typhus:

My favourite model of the four, he came out almost exactly how I saw him in my head as I was prepping him.

Lucius the Eternal is next:

Rich got this guy on ebay, and unfortunately the person sending it just put him in a jiffy bag to send and during transit the metal whip got bent back on itself, when I tried to straighten it out it snapped in half.  So as a replacement I've used a plastic whip from the Dark Elder Kabalite Warriors sprue.  The exposure on the picture is a little light but I think it came out looking good and think it looks the part.

And finally is Fabius Bile:

I like how he turned out, but he was a royal pain to paint.  There's so much going on with the model that every time I looked him over I'd find another small part I'd missed.  Once I'd finished him though he came out well.

I hope you like them all, next time out it'll either be Uncharted Seas or Empire of the Dead, whichever one I can get photographed first.

Take Care


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Picking Up Where We Left Off

Right, that was a slightly longer hiatus than I'd intended.  It was due to a few things, lack of motivation, an inability to focus on painting for longer than 10 minutes at any one time, government sponsored training courses and nothing really to show or talk about being the main culprits.

Thankfully I've broken through to the other side now, mainly thanks to Spartan Games' Uncharted Seas and Westwind's Empire of the Dead game which got me able to focus on painting again, but more on them at a later date.

Right now I have a slew of models painted and I'll be showing them off over the next week or so and I thought I'd start with the last of Charlie's Dystopian Wars EoBS ships that I had to paint along side the Ika I posted last time.

First up is the Tenkei Class Sky Fortress:

Sky Fortress plus flight of planes

A bit of a botched casting meant I had to do a fair bit of prep work before I started painting as the top and bottom of the craft were out of alignment, I had to do a lot of filing as well as fill in grooves that didn't meet and re-carve new ones.  In the end it's not too bad, I did have to get rid of a lot of the rivets on the model though which was a shame, but over all I'm ok with how it came out.

The deck is based of actual WWII Japanese aircraft carriers, with a bit of artistic license thrown in and I'm really happy with how it turned out and think it makes the model look the part.

And finally the Hachiman Class Dreadnought:

This ship is ridiculously big, similar in length to the battleship but twice as tall, she's a big model compared to the rest of the ships in the fleet but really straight forward to paint (you just need a LOT of paint).

The 2 types of shield generators as seen in the above pictures are a much easier fit than on the battleship, Spartan have obviously learnt their lesson there thankfully.

I like how both have come out, and Charlie was pleased with them when I handed them over which is the important thing, I hope you like them as well.

Next time out I have the latest batch of Richard's Chaos Marine characters painted up a Thousand Sons, so keep an eye out around Wednesday for them to appear.

Take care and I'll speak to you all then.