Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Back to the Dark Side

As promised here are the latest batch of 40k Chaos Space Marine characters that I've painted for Richard's Thousand Sons.

Up first is the Forgeworld model Lugft Huron:

For the banner I've placed the name Rich has given him, (Ini-Herit), at the top.  The character is going to be used as the standard bearer for his 1st company, The Fellowship of the Scarab, and the closest ancient Egyptian word I could find with my Google-fu was Sen, which means brother, so Sen-Scarab means Brother Scarab which seems like a good choice and it fit the available space nicely.

Up next is Typhus:

My favourite model of the four, he came out almost exactly how I saw him in my head as I was prepping him.

Lucius the Eternal is next:

Rich got this guy on ebay, and unfortunately the person sending it just put him in a jiffy bag to send and during transit the metal whip got bent back on itself, when I tried to straighten it out it snapped in half.  So as a replacement I've used a plastic whip from the Dark Elder Kabalite Warriors sprue.  The exposure on the picture is a little light but I think it came out looking good and think it looks the part.

And finally is Fabius Bile:

I like how he turned out, but he was a royal pain to paint.  There's so much going on with the model that every time I looked him over I'd find another small part I'd missed.  Once I'd finished him though he came out well.

I hope you like them all, next time out it'll either be Uncharted Seas or Empire of the Dead, whichever one I can get photographed first.

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