Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Welcome and a Whole bunch of Pictures

Long time no update, sorry about that, real life issues have kept me away.

Thankfully I have not been kept away from my minis though. But before I show you my latest pieces I'd like to welcome my latest follower, wardy-la, who almost has more blogs under his belt than I've updated this one all year, I salute you sir and I'll try and do better :)

Right, rambling done, now for my latest pieces. First up other people's bits:

Charlie's Kingdom of Britannia Fleet for Dystopian Wars.




Doncaster Bombers


Less individuality than the Japanese fleet, partially because I found the model lent themselves to it less, plus the Brits have a more traditional approach to colour schemes (when I did a bit of research I discovered the Japanese had 5 shipyard building their vessels during WWII and the paint used in each was slightly different which I used as an excuse to give the somewhat varied look I did with their DW fleet).

Next up is the latest in Richard C's Thousand Sons and Devourer's of Vile-Tis minis.

In Rich's quest to have every CSM hero leading a unit of his Thousand Sons here's Khan the Betrayer in full livery.


Master of Carnage

Both of these guys have been almost done for about a year now and it's nice to finally get them completed, just five more to go .

Now onto my stuff, starting with the last of my Pulp City minis:

Twilight, from The Coven faction

Trail, Master of Mesmerism

Elder Grimm

First two minis have taken me ages to paint, just couldn't get a colour scheme I liked for either of them, still not entirely sure about Trail but at least he's done. The Grimm was a fun and quick job and I enjoyed doing it.

Next a random monster:

He's called a Warwolf, from the now defunct Ilyad Games.

And finally, with the recent arrival of a gentleman by the name of Ed to the club I actually have someone to play Malifaux against so I have begun to get my crews painted, starting with the leaders:

Perdita Ortega of the Guild.

Ramos, Arcanist.

And a reverse shot to see the cat's face (he's from the Victorian Bases-Accessories pack Wyrd do).

Dr Douglas McMourning, Resurrectionist.

I currently have the rest of McMourning's crew on the workbench along with some more of Charlie's DW mini's and a couple of Richard C's as well, so hopefully I'll have even more for you all sooner rather than later.

So 'til next time, take care.



superherofigurehunter said...

Crikey Jon - a blast of minis there. All great stuff as usual.

It is always nice to see confrontation minis, so thanks for posting those.

And love the Pulp City stuff of course.

Question - what is the source of the brick bits beneath the statuary on Twilight's base?

Once again, great stuff all around.

undead_jon said...

Glad you like them.

The bricks are actually 1:48 scale bricks from a Czech company called Plus Model I found ages ago, unfortunatly the site I got them from no longer seems to do them, but I found another site that does:

I just figured out what I needed and then built up the plinth to a decent height.