Sunday, 28 June 2009

Well, I've finally got the first 2 units for Richard's 1000 Sons completed and handed over.

They came out looking good, though I do need to stop having bright ideas like putting squad symbols on shoulder pads and then using authentic Egyptian symbol...I should know better by now. Still, I don't think they look too bad, at least the most complicated symbol, (the Scarab), has been done, the rest are all pretty simple from now on.

Still no photos, but I'll be popping over the Argos in a few minutes to pick up a couple of new lights, so hopefully I'll be able to start getting photos taken soon. Plus, the club that was once PEWC has officially now become Enfield Gamers and the old site taken down, so I now have a copy of all the old pictures from the site which I'll try and get uploaded to my Displaced Miniatures page today as well.

On other news, I've noticed a new Pulp era board game coming out in October which I'm definitely going to pick up when it comes out, The Adventurers. Looks a lot of fun & the character model look fabulous :)

anyway, hopefully should post again later with some pictures and whatnot so speak to you then.

Painted to date: 27 (26 infantry/1 mount)


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