Sunday, 1 November 2009

I hate the internet, it keeps throwing up far too many tempting things for me to want to do hobbywise...

Case in point, I'd resigned myself to not doing any of my origional ideas for pulp gaming till next year, then I came across this post on The Lead Adventures forum and suddenly I have a major craving to invest heavily in Crimson Skies again.

Case 2, I pop over to Worldworks & lo-and-behold they've released the next two sets for their new Terrainlinx system, they both look stunning and now I want to go build Himmelveil and play around in it.

Also, I went and picked up Wolfenstein for my 360 on Friday and Wierd War 2 gaming is also festering in the back of my mind as a fun thing to get into, especially as I've been reading the rulebook for Exile Studios excellent RPG Hollow Earth Expedition and the idea seeds of occult Nazi's and pulp adventure are definitely putting down roots in my brain.

Anyway, Pulp city is up next whatever else I decide to do, I've almost completed Richard's 1000 Sons, and I intend to get a few PC figures done before I get the last 14 figures from Richard to paint, so hopefully next week there'll actually be some pics of new stuff up here and not just me babbling on incessantly ;)

More soon


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