Sunday, 25 October 2009

Good progress has been made lately on Richard's 1000 Sons. With 9 more completed and handed over I now have 10 Terminators waiting on basing and varnishing and the final 9 Terminators outside with their undercoats drying, so all being equal I should have everything that was given to me completed by the first club night of November. That'll leave just 14 figures for him to find & put together and handed over for painting and his big Apocalypse game against Mike will finally be on.

Once the 1000 Sons are done I'm going to move on and get Pulp City up sorted to demo at the club, it's a game I really want to play and along with Malifaux is a game I really want to focus on next year.

On the Malifaux front I've gone ahead and ordered 2 new starter sets, The Ortegas and Som'er Teeth Jones' Gremlin gang. There is some method to my madness for buying these. Looking at the 2 starter crews I had I realised they were both entirely close combat orientated and I don't think that's a good idea for demoing the rules to people. The 2 new starters are much more balanced with range as well as CC capabilities. it should make for a fun demo, plus the gremlins and their wild pigs should provide some comedy value :)

After that I'm still a little undecided, I haven't focused on Pulp gaming as I'd intended this year, (Pulp City not withstanding), and Crimson Skies is still a project I want to pursue, but I doubt I'll get to it this year, we'll see how things go.

That's all for this update.

More Soon


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