Sunday, 1 February 2009

First Proper update of 2009

Right, January is now but a memory, and we're beginning February waiting for a heavy snowfall to begin any time today & all day tomorrow, with the temperature suitably chilly and dropping rapidly, I think it's time to stay in and get some painting done.

Most of January I spent faffing about painting a little bit, building a little bit, planning a little bit & basically getting absolutely nothing completed whilst I was waiting for Richard to put together the Thousand Sons models he wants me to paint for him.

He got them, (or at least the bulk of them), to me last Tuesday & today is the day I start the prep-work.

Here's what I've got to work with so far:

From top to bottom: 1 unit Chaos Space Marines; 1 unit Thousand Sons (6 to come); 1 unit CSM (4 to come); 1 Havok unit (3 to come + 1 l. arm for Las Gunner); 1 unit CSM; 3 units Chaos Terminators. Currently missing the above mentioned minis, plus 1 more 9-man unit, (another Havok unit I think).

As you can see most have had some kind of paint on them, (from the look of some of them, quite a few coats of paint, the detail on a few is almost nonexistent), so a few will need stripping before I can get ant paint on them, but I'm hoping to get that all sorted this week, then next week I start the painting proper.

Right, so the first project of the year is now officially underway, so hopefully regular updates will now follow.

Oh, and here comes the snow I mentioned earlier...oh joy, time to wrap up warm folks :)

More soon.


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