Sunday, 11 January 2009

Back Again pt. 2 - The Year Ahead

So this year I'm not planning on being quite as specific about what personal projects I undertake.
My brain doesn't work that way, so it'll be better for me if I have a few ideas I want to do and pick the one that's most interesting to me at the time of starting.

So, "What do I have lined up then?" I hear you ask.

Well here are some of the ideas I have currently:
1- Pulp, pulp & more pulp. I really want to get a lot of pulp models painted & I want to use the .45 Adventures rules I've been picking up over the last year or more as well.
2- Crimson Skies. This is the one project I'm determined to complete, I have always loved FASA's old Crimson Skies rules, but I've only ever had 6 planes to use , so I intend to invest in a lot more planes as well as getting them painted up.
3 - Confrontation Goblins. I picked up a few of the old Rackham metal Samurai-inspired Goblins shortly before ver. 4 came out & I recently bought some more at a ridiculously low price, so I'd like to get them painted up as they're lovely models, plus Scrollmaster wants a game of Confrontation ver. 3 at some point and I can also use them for Songs of Blades & Heroes that we've started playing down the club quite a lot lately.
4 - Terrain. Various ideas crop up here and there for cool looking terrain, but I'm usually hopeless at sticking to one genre for too long, so I'll do bits and pieces as I feel the urge.
5 - Zombies & Survivors. I've had Two-Hour Wargames All Things Zombie rules for about the same length of time as .45 Adventures, and it's about time I used them as well, so I'll be looking to pick up some zombies to go with the Hasslefree Survivors I've had sitting in my lead mountain for ages. Only now I want to get them painted up and used.

I'm sure there'll be other tings that crop up, I have a vague Idea for a Cawdor gang for Necromunda, but I haven't really found any models that I want to use as the basis for them yet & having now found my Starship Troopers rulebooks and figures again I may try to do something with them, we'll see.

I still have to complete Richard's Devourers & Rob's Dark Elves ( well, actually I still have to actually start Rob's Dark Elves, but that's just semantics). Plus on Tuesday I'll be getting another painting order from Richard that should see my yearly total get off to a good start, 81 (9 squads of 9) Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines (including 1 squad of Terminators), these guy are the priority at the moment as they're needed for an Apocalypse game in the near future, so they will be my focus once I get hold of them, (both painting-wise and for the blog), I'm going to attempt to do 1 squad a week, with 1 week for prepping & undercoating everything, but as I haven't speed painted a force this size before I'm not sure if that's realistic or not. I've invested in one of the new GW Spray Guns and have all the paint I think I'll need, but I guess it'll really be a case of the proof of the pudding will be in the this space.

So, that's basically the rough plan at the moment, but don't forget it could change at any time. Hopefully though most of the things I want to do will get done, we'll all just have to wait & see.

More soon.


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