Sunday, 28 December 2008

Back Again pt. 1 - The Year in Review

So...That wasn't as successful year as I'd hoped for painting wise.

The Xbox did take over my life for a while, but mainly I just lost the drive to paint for some reason. It took until I got convinced to run a DnD campaign in August/September that I finally started to get things going again and now I'm back into it quite well.

So, first up here's a picture of my Bloodbowl team that I said was coming about 9 months ago now:

I like how they came out a lot, shame they didn't perform as well on the pitch...

After that, I didn't actually finish any of the projects that I had left, however, I did finish some others.

First up was a commissioned Mordheim Skaven Warband for Richard, (shadoblade...and yes he is still waiting for me to finish his Devourers...), The X Rats:

Front row l-r: Wolverine; Storm; Cyclops; Gambit; Beast; Colossus
Second Row l-r: Psylocke; Warpath; Lockheed
Back: Juggernaught

I also managed to put together a Mordheim Warband of my own, The Cabal of the Dessicated Crow, (the next generation of the group I formed for Scrollmaster's Realms of Chaos campaign from a couple of years ago):

Other than these guy's I have also managed to paint up a fair few mini's (both figures & scenery) for use in the DnD campaign:

I even managed to finish 3 more Devourers & start another couple, but those pictures will have to wait a little bit.

I'm happy with what I got done, which I just discovered when I added it all up was actually quite a lot.

So without further ado, here's the important bit:

Miniatures Painted to date (28/12/08) = 123
Projects completed = 1/5 + 3 unintended projects completed.

All in all I'm really quite happy with the end result, I was surprised by the number of models I actually managed to paint, which for me was a hell of a lot, it will be interesting to see what 2009 has in store for me, but more on that next time.


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