Monday, 24 March 2008

One down, four to go.

Just a quick update, and no pictures yet, but, I have finally, (with a little help from the weather finally letting up), managed to complete my Blood Bowl team. The head coach, 2 assistant coaches, 2 cheerleaders, 3 Re-Roll tokens & 1 Score token are all done , varnished & 5 minutes ago I put them in my case for tomorrow night, so, Project 1 is officially done & I've even got started on the next model for Richard's Devourers, so Project 2 is officially go as well.

I have to warn you though, I did purchase an Xbox 360 last Thursday with Mass Effect so my postings may become even more erratic :)

As for points I'm only counting the tokens I did for my BB team as 1/2 point each as they don't really count as full figures (you'll see what I mean when I get the photo's done).

So, until next time.


Miniatures Painted to date (24/03/08) = 24
Projects completed = 1/5.


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