Friday, 25 September 2009

This one's for you Steve :)

Right here we are again, a quick blog this time round, possibly followed by a somewhat rambling one in a day or so maybe, so lets get going with the one that may make sense then shall we?

Leading off today with the first of Richard's 1000 Son's Terminators.

I've started on the metal one first as they're the most finicky of the models left, with a lot of detail that I generally hate to paint but usually looks pretty cool when done. Since this pic was taken I've actually finished them completely and will take new pictures when I've got a few other bits done.

I've also decided to change the way I do my painting points, from now on, rather than keeping track of what type of model it is I'll assign points based on the model being painted as follows:

15mm-20mm = 0.5pts/25mm-32mm = 1pt/40mm+ = 2-3pts (depending on model). Vehicles will be based on size up to a total of 5pts (unless it's frickin' huge, then I'll rethink)

So, with my uncharted Seas stuff giving me 15 points, (3 for the Battleship, 2 for each Cruiser & 1 each for the Frigates), and the 8 completed Terminators gives me 23 points in total to add on to what's already been done.

I've also added a running total of my points over to the right underneath my Gamer Card so I don't have to keep going back to the last post I remembered to add the totals to to find the bloody thing :)

Anyway, on with the blog


Next up are the current WIP bits and pieces I've started, beginning with a bit of work on a couple of small islands for Uncharted Seas.

Unfortunately those are the only 2 pictures that have come out properly so the rest of my WiPs will be text only.

I've stuck together my first Malifaux starter set, The Miners and Steamfitters crew and have received my Dragonforge bases so will be able to get the second set put together before I go back to work next Wednesday.

I've also done a bit more for my solo fantasy game that I will do at some point in the future, in this case getting the final 2 models for my hero team sorted out. I've decided to go with a unified look to the team & to this end I've decided to use models sculpted by Werner Klocke, a couple of his sculpts from Reaper's Warlord range & a couple from his own Freebooter Miniatures (with 1 minor conversion, but still using parts from one of his miniatures).

Right, that's all for now, will try to blog again before I go back to work, but I need to get my thoughts in order first.

More Soon


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