Friday, 6 April 2012


I'd like to welcome my newest follower, Malkavschilde, to the blog.

A man who has a love of the Praetorian Imperial Guard and a very nice looking army of them to go with it (check them out here), I hope you enjoy my blog sir.

I realise the place has been somewhat neglected of late, real life has been providing me with far too many distractions recently and my painting time has become somewhat limited.

I do have a couple of things finished that I'll be posting up soon and I've had a bit of good news on the financial side of things which has allowed me to pick up a few new Malifaux and Pulp City mini's which are getting me excited about painting again, which is good.

So, I'm hoping that with the long easter weekend and Man vs. Food marathons on Dave to have on in the background I'll be getting some time to paint them up soon along with some more of Rich's Thousand Sons and Charlie's Dystopian Wars Japanese.

Watch this space.