Saturday, 7 April 2012

(Doom)Wheel of (Miss)Fortune

OK, an actual update with pictures...(not many, but it's a start).

Many moons ago, Rich (of the Thousand Sons and Devourer's of Vile-tis fame) gave me one of my first commission jobs, a Skaven warband for Mordheim. He'd decided he wanted to theme them around characters from the X-men comics and wanted me to paint them up for him (he'd converted all of them except for Juggernaut which he asked me to do).

The results can be seen on his X-rats blog HERE.

Well, that warband was just the start and he decided he wanted to do an entire Mavel inspired Warhammer Fantasy Battles army of Skaven...because he's obviously a mad man... and because he could (and why wouldn't you?)

He's doing the bulk of the army himself but asked me if I'd do one more model for the army, Professor Xavier in his wheelchair (aka Doomwheel).

The Doomwheel itself was an old school metal one he'd got on ebay (it was missing the rats running in the wheels but was otherwise intact). It didn't require any work done on it before painting and I tried to give it a gold look with black wheels as that's the colour scheme I remember from when I used to read the comics, (Jim Lee era for the interested).

The driver was a fairly simple convertion, the leather flight cap already gave the impression of a bald head and I just had to clip off the chin strap parts and apply a bit of greenstuff fur to hide the edges and he was good to go.

The banner on the Doomwheel was also pretty simple. I'm not the most brilliant of freehanders so I simply imported the black & white Skaven Banners pdf from GW into Gimp and after about ten minutes of fiddling had something myself and Rich were happy with. It was then just a question on printing it out, painting it up, cutting it out and gluing it in place.

This is how he ended up:

I think he came out really well, and I'm particularly happy with the banner, I hope he finds a use terrorising the lands of the Old World for many years to come.

So, that's it for this post, I should have another one up soon so keep an eye out.

Take care.



pulpcitizen said...

Rich is evidently mad - even I would not come up with such a bonkers theme for an army. Kudos on your contributions. :)

Shadoblade said...

Thanks again Jon as always your work for me is great and I am indeed mad, on that note I am painting up my Smurf Daemon army now