Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Hired Help

Another shortish post today, with just a few photos.

Still not painting massive amounts, but I got a bit more done than recently, (coinciding with my Xbox going on a european tour to get fixed...purely coincidental I'm sure :), though nothing is finished as yet.

Anyway, here are 4 mini's I finished a month or so ago, the first I needed for my D&D campaign as an assassin to go against the party, the other 3 were very quickly done as I needed some hired guns for the Necromunda campaign that finished last week at the club, hope you like.

Ysis the Viper from Rackham, the model's been sitting in my lead pile for years and was pretty beaten up when I dug her out, I think she came out alright though.

Imperial Guard Sniper.

My first attempt at trying a digital camo effect, not brilliant but the whole model took me 2 hours to paint, so I wasn't expecting brilliance.

A Rogue Handler and his Cyber Mastif, used an Arbites sergeant for the handler.

Colour scheme on th handler is stolen from/an homage to Commander Cody from Revenge of the Sith/The Clone Wars. I wanted the armour to match a picture of Cody that I have where the armour has a more scuffed appearance as opposed to the usual chipped look you tend to see.

The effect was pretty easy to accomplished, I just used an HB pencil which I sharpened the lead itself of to get a powder that I used like a weathering powder then just used the pencil to add more obvious scuff marks.

I think he came out great and I'll look to use the same technique in the future for that sort of effect.

Next time out I will hopefully have some new stuff to show off, including some new Pulp City and commission pieces as well.

So 'til next time.

Take care.



The Dark Templar said...

I looooove Ysis the Viper. It is one of my most favourite models. One day I will go back to the one I have and give it the paint job it deserves.

Loving your models here.

CPBelt said...

I really like how you did the camouflage pattern on the sniper. Of course, the other figures look good as well!