Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Stay Lucky

Played my first couple of games of Flying Lead last night in Rich's tournament. My usual luck with the dice held true as I lost both games, with the second game ending in the ignominious sight of my entire force pegging it off the table in turn 3 after a couple of bad activation rolls meant I hardly moved onto the table & then put my leader FAR too far out in front of his men and saw him first get stunned and then capped as he lay on the floor.

Still we live and learn I suppose. I enjoyed myself and whilst they may have come last at least they looked good doing it, even if I do say so myself :)

And a shot of the group I used in the tourney:

I will expand the force over time, next purchases will probably be a couple of bikes, an LMG and maybe a couple of flamethrower armed troops.

Only a quick update tonight, as I am prepping for the re-start of my D&D roleplay campaign and getting Rich C's Devourers ready to paint, although with the weather the way it is currently the paint acts very strangely and I end up covered in sweat after 30 seconds of sitting down, so I may leave it a bit and see if the weather breaks any time soon first.

More soon-ish


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

And the Beat Goes On

Grass is evil...or at least it's pollen is.

Hayfever has me in it's harsh grip and despite being medicated to the eyeballs, iroically I still seem to end up with itching eyes which can make concentrating on painting a little tricky at times, still I persevere, I will not let the oppressive pollen beat me down! ;)

Right, now that's off my chest, back to the point of this blog.

First off I'd like to welcome Doctor Warlock as my newest follower. A fellow Pulp Cityite and creator of some really cool bases for his really cool mini's, I hope my somewhat erratic updates will keep you interested sir.

First up I have finished up my Solar mini:

I decided on a slightly different take on his colour scheme, taking inspiration from from cover art I'd seen for the new Mark Millar (creator of Wanted & Kick-Ass) comic Nemesis.

The all white outfit really struck me as a cool idea, but I thought on a mini it'd be a little dull, so I decided to give him the red cape after seeing the advert art for Nemesis that had him with blood on his face in a sudo-Joker smile (the idea of the comic is "What if the world's greatest superbeing was evil", the tagline for the adds was "What if Batman was The Joker"). I thought the contrast between the two colours was pretty striking.

I'm really happy with the way he has come out even with the matte varnish crazing a little on the back of the cape, I think it adds a clothy texture that I actually quite like.

Ive also painted up these two guys:

They're Bonni & Klyde from Hasslefree's Grymn range and have been prepped and ready for paint for the last couple of years. I decided to pant them as I am going to take the Grymn I have painted to the club next week as an extra force that anyone can use in the Flying Lead tourney.

Here are the rest of the Grymn I have painted:

And the obligatory group shot:

I've always like Hassslefree's ranges and the Grymn are one of the standout lines they do, I really should paint the rest of the ones I've got up.

Still to do are the final 5 Infinity mini's I need for the tourney, which should be finished before the end of the week, here's a WiP:

Not much left to do on them now, and the Warthog vehicle is just waiting for some decals and then that will also be finished, so all-in-all it should be a good week painting wise.

Should have more for you soon, so take care & I'll speak to you all soon.


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Great Expectations

Well, I'm officially unemployed as of last Friday.

Bit of a strange last few months, so I decided that I'd take a week off before starting the job search, just take some time and recharge the batteries before getting into it next week.

No painting as yet as I have some things to sort out around the house first, but I do have a couple of little projects to try and get done quickly before I do Richard's Devourers which I'll try and finish in the next week or so. Rich at the club is going to use his Flying Lead rules for a small tourney on 29th (they're a very nice set of modern skirmish rules based on Songs of Blades and Heroes that can be purchased, among other place, here for a very reasonable sum if you're interested...right if that plug doesn't get me some leeway in the tourney then nothing will :0)

Anyway, as I was saying, I want to put together a force to participate and as I only need 8 figures I should have a fully painted group to use if I get on with it, especially as I was doing a bit here and there before the redundancy, as you can see here:

The 5 figures are all from Corvus Belli's Infinity game, the vehicle (which wont see action in the tourney as I only need a 600pts force) is a Warthog from Antenociti's Workshop's Governance of Technology range. None are completed yet, but they're all close, which leaves me with 3 more figures to paint, everything to varnish and the force is done...skirmish games are soooooo much easier to get forces done for, no wonder hardly anyone at the club plays big army games anymore.

I also want to get Apebot and Virus finished for Pulp City (and I may sneak Solar in there as well and I have an idea for a colour scheme that I really want to try for him).

Also on the Pulp City front I'm also trying to get some home-brewed heroes written up that I started for Supreme Genesis 3 last year. My main problem up to now has always been the fact that whilst I love coming up with the background and origins for the characters, (something that I've always enjoyed, as many of my old D&D and Marvel Superheroes RPG characters will attest to), but the rules side of thing has flummoxed me somewhat. So I thanked the gaming gods when I came across this post on the Pulp City forum which lays it a nice set of guidelines that even a dunce like me can to try and pull it all together.

So that's all for now, take care, hopefully more soon.