Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Stay Lucky

Played my first couple of games of Flying Lead last night in Rich's tournament. My usual luck with the dice held true as I lost both games, with the second game ending in the ignominious sight of my entire force pegging it off the table in turn 3 after a couple of bad activation rolls meant I hardly moved onto the table & then put my leader FAR too far out in front of his men and saw him first get stunned and then capped as he lay on the floor.

Still we live and learn I suppose. I enjoyed myself and whilst they may have come last at least they looked good doing it, even if I do say so myself :)

And a shot of the group I used in the tourney:

I will expand the force over time, next purchases will probably be a couple of bikes, an LMG and maybe a couple of flamethrower armed troops.

Only a quick update tonight, as I am prepping for the re-start of my D&D roleplay campaign and getting Rich C's Devourers ready to paint, although with the weather the way it is currently the paint acts very strangely and I end up covered in sweat after 30 seconds of sitting down, so I may leave it a bit and see if the weather breaks any time soon first.

More soon-ish


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