Wednesday, 23 June 2010

And the Beat Goes On

Grass is evil...or at least it's pollen is.

Hayfever has me in it's harsh grip and despite being medicated to the eyeballs, iroically I still seem to end up with itching eyes which can make concentrating on painting a little tricky at times, still I persevere, I will not let the oppressive pollen beat me down! ;)

Right, now that's off my chest, back to the point of this blog.

First off I'd like to welcome Doctor Warlock as my newest follower. A fellow Pulp Cityite and creator of some really cool bases for his really cool mini's, I hope my somewhat erratic updates will keep you interested sir.

First up I have finished up my Solar mini:

I decided on a slightly different take on his colour scheme, taking inspiration from from cover art I'd seen for the new Mark Millar (creator of Wanted & Kick-Ass) comic Nemesis.

The all white outfit really struck me as a cool idea, but I thought on a mini it'd be a little dull, so I decided to give him the red cape after seeing the advert art for Nemesis that had him with blood on his face in a sudo-Joker smile (the idea of the comic is "What if the world's greatest superbeing was evil", the tagline for the adds was "What if Batman was The Joker"). I thought the contrast between the two colours was pretty striking.

I'm really happy with the way he has come out even with the matte varnish crazing a little on the back of the cape, I think it adds a clothy texture that I actually quite like.

Ive also painted up these two guys:

They're Bonni & Klyde from Hasslefree's Grymn range and have been prepped and ready for paint for the last couple of years. I decided to pant them as I am going to take the Grymn I have painted to the club next week as an extra force that anyone can use in the Flying Lead tourney.

Here are the rest of the Grymn I have painted:

And the obligatory group shot:

I've always like Hassslefree's ranges and the Grymn are one of the standout lines they do, I really should paint the rest of the ones I've got up.

Still to do are the final 5 Infinity mini's I need for the tourney, which should be finished before the end of the week, here's a WiP:

Not much left to do on them now, and the Warthog vehicle is just waiting for some decals and then that will also be finished, so all-in-all it should be a good week painting wise.

Should have more for you soon, so take care & I'll speak to you all soon.


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