Sunday, 5 December 2010

Planning Ahead

I won't be taking photos of my newly painted mini's till tomorrow, but I felt like blogging something today and after a week of freezing temperatures and snow we now have an almost Springlike day outside and it has made me think ahead to the soon to be arriving new year and the projects I'd like to have a crack at.

Now anyone that has read this blog over the last couple of years will know I always have numerous and wonderful plans each year, the majority of which never see the light of day in the end, so this coming year I will try to be a bit (read: a lot) more focused on completing only a few definite projects with any others that spring up being added on at various points during the year.

I also intend to look at having some ongoing projects that will run through the whole year, these will be done in between other projects as time permits.

So these are the definite plans I've come up with so far:

Ongoing Projects

1 - Pulp City. This is a game I thoroughly enjoy on every level of the hobby: painting; terrain making; playing; character building and interacting with other fans of the game. Pulp City will be an ongoing project for a long time to come.

2 - 15mm Sci-Fi. Recently Rich at the club pointed us all to the FUBAR 1 page wargames rules found on the Forge of War yahoo group. They've become popular with a number of the guys and a few of them have been picking up some 15mm sci-fi forces to use with them and the Tomorrows War rules from Ambush Alley Games. With space and time being limited, 15mm (and 6mm) are scales I've been looking at for a while for doing large battles with. 28mm is just too time consuming to do those size of games these days as far as I'm concerned and is a scale I find much more fun to use for skirmish size games. Anyway, I've already placed an order for some figures from Khurasan Miniatures which will probably become the first personal project I'll have a crack at in the new year.

Other Projects:

1 - Richard's Devourers. When people ask me why I don't start painting models for a living I point them towards this project. I've had these figures from Richard for over two years now and I'm still only 1/3 of the way through them and quite frankly I'm annoyed at myself for not getting them finished for him. So, first project of the year will be these guys, with the last part of this year prepping all of them for painting.

2 - Malifaux Board. Those of you that remember this building I made earlier in the year will remember I mentioned I was going to use it for Malifaux, well I came up with a plan for a 4'x4' board shortly after I completed the build and I intend to get it put together sometime this year, hopefully with the intention of actually getting some games of Malifaux played on it as well.

3 - Crimson Skies. Yes I know this has been on my to-do list since forever, but the original FASA game is still one of my favorites. So, if I can get myself a job before my redundancy money runs out I intend to spend some of that money over a Ral Partha Europe's store buying up an number of planes to play the game with.

Potential Projects:

1 - Reaverlords. Currently just a tantalizing ad in the back of the Pulp City Guide I'm curious to see what this game is. The ad appears to indicate a fantasy game and I'm interested in getting back into fantasy gaming as currently the majority of the wargames we play at the club are either modern or sci-fi based, (fantasy only seems to appear in games like Blood Bowl or Warhammer Quest), so I'll be interested in seeing what this turns out to be.

2 - Vor 2.0. My favorite Sci-fi rules were the origional Vor: The Maelstrom rules from FASA. Since FASA's demise Mike "Skuzzy" Nelson, the writer of the rules, has been trying to get Vor 2.0 up and running, hopefully 2011 will see that happen, and if it does then I'll be one of the first in line to pick up a copy and start playing.

So, these are the few definite/possible plans I have, I wouldn't mind getting a House Cawdor gang put together for Necromunda as well, but I have very specific ideas for how I want them to look so that may take me some time as a fair bit of conversion work would be needed, but we'll see.

Anyway, come back tomorrow and I'll show off my newest batch of painted miniatures and WiPs.

Till then.


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Robert said...

Agree on Vor 2.0. Im slowly getting back into painting/playing so the re-launch of Vor would be great.

So far my plans for 2011 is pure Confrontation. Already started on my Cynwall Elves and the plan is to also continuing with my Orcs of the Behemoth