Friday, 31 December 2010

End of Year Review

Well, this is my last post for 2010 and I have actually managed to complete a few more minis for your delectation:

Hasslefree Kat and Dionne

Hasslefree Amoy and Amoy (b)

Hasslefree Sadie and Giles

Rackham Tiger of Dirz

I'm really happy with how they have all come out and I'm glad I managed to get them done before the new year.

So, not quite as many mini's painted as last year, but not as bad as I feared it was going to be at one point, plus I'm pretty happy with things at the moment and feel like I have some good momentum going into 2011 which will hopefully see me painting a fair bit.

On the non-mini side of the hobby I've been busy putting together a few downloads for Pulp City, some Agenda cards and Tokens, a Quick Reference Sheet and today I put up some Resource Cards from the Pulp City Guide. They're currently on Google Docs, but I may try and put together a little website at some point next year, I'll see how things go.

Here's a link to the page, I'll also add it to the right hand menu to make it easy to find.

As far as my plans for next year, my 15mm sci-fi army has begun:

Very impressed with the postal service from the US this time of year, they turned up from Khurasan Miniatures within two weeks of the order being shipped, and before Christmas too which was a nice little pick-me-up at the time. Very nice sculpts on the Not-Spartans Federation Infantry, and the APC's are very nice too (very Not-Aliens). I'll definitely be getting more from Khurasan in the future, I just wish they'd hurry up and get more Federation models out.

Tomorrow I plan on getting out all of the Devourers of Vile Tis that I have of Richards and start prepping them for painting, then I'll just have to see what the weather decides to do in the next week or so before I get them undercoated, you never know I may even have some WiP shots to show next week sometime.

Now the Pulp City Shop is back up and running I may well get round to picking up some villains soon as well, if I do I'll try and fit the painting in and around the Devourers.

So that's all from me for 2010, have a happy and safe New Years and I'll see you all again in 2011.

Take care


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