Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ok, here we go with the first proper blog of the new year.

First up, work is progressing nicely with the final set of 1000 Sons.

As you can see 4 of the 5 are on course for finishing soon, 1 however did take a header off the undercoating tray I've got and needed redoing and with the snow we've had I only got it done yesterday.

However, I decided as I was going to undercoat anyway I'd get a few more models done as well and they can sit and wait for me to paint them, hopefully keeping me from buying too many new minis (I've decided to try and not buy anything unnecessary this year if I can help it - Roleplaying, games I'm actually playing and my solo fantasy campaign are the only things I'm going to buy as required, the Smartmax stuff might get a look in, but I need to paint up my Eolith mini's before I can justify the expense).

Very blacked up at the moment so not much detail on view, but in order from L-R: Nuke; Francis Gator and Chimp-Chi from Pulp City; The Harbinger of Justice from the old Harbinger mag; a Bantam Class Battleship for Iron Stars; Dr. McMourning; Sebastian; Ramos and Steampunk Arachnid from Malifaux; Forsaken St. Mark and Huntress from Dark Age.

I've also got the last 2 members of my hero group for my solo fantasy campaign primed as well and the 4 of them will be first on my list to paint once the 1000 Sons are done. They'll be making their first appearance on this blog next week all being well.

One more pic for this week, another Pulp City model I've started doing bits to whist waiting for Chaos Marines to dry, the bad guy Rook:

No prizes for guessing where my inspiration for his colour scheme came from:) I still a lot of work to do on him though. The armour on the torso needs another highlight and wash, the halberd needs doing and the base hasn't even been started yet, but I think he's coming along nicely.

Right, well that's all for this week, I'm going to try and post every Sunday, at least for this month, so next week should see the completion of the 1000 Sons and the beginnings of my fantasy hero group, so more soon :)


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superherofigurehunter said...

I like the Iron Man riff on Rook Jon - simple but effective idea.