Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm officially up and running for the year now. I've handed over the last of the 1000 Sons to Richard and I've started painting some of my own minis up again :)

So I get to put 10 points toward the painting tally, technically it should be 15, but as 10 of the marines were almost done before the new year I didn't think they could count completely, so 1/2 & 1/2 seemed right.

They came up pretty well I think, quite glad to see the back of them though...there's only so much blue & green a person can paint before you'd rather never see those colours in proximity to one another for a quite while.

Anyway, now onto the new stuff:

Here we have Morgue Master McMourning for Malifaux alongside a Werner Klocke sculpted Dwarven thief from Reapers Warlord range who is going to be one of my fantasy game heroes. I'm enjoying McMourning, though I think the eyes & teeth are probably going to be a little tricky to paint with that hand there, but so far he's been great fun to do. Haven't got too far with the dwarf, I've been a little stuck on a choice of colour scheme for him & it's a fantastic sculpt so I want do it justice, watch this space to see how he develops.

And here we have my first 3 Pulp City minis, The Gentleman; Rook; & Howler.

I think The Gentleman is done now, just got to get him varnished, it took me a little while to work out what I wanted to do with the severed robot head he's got his foot on, and I think it's turned out ok, really nice model to paint. Rooks armour's now almost done, I need to highlight all the metal areas & the hair, then get the base done. He looks so shiny because I've used a Tamiya Clear Red wash to make the red really pop, varnishing will get rid of it. Howler's a major '80s action movie fan and has based his look on Stallone in Cobra so who was I to argue, a quick Google image search later & I had my basic colour scheme. I still have to highlight the flesh & paint the belts, buckles, gun & base but again a really fun sculpt to paint, I'm looking forward to getting all 3 done very soon.

Hopefully I'll have proper pictures of all these guys within the next couple of weeks.

More soon



superherofigurehunter said...

It is always great to see Pulp City minis painted, and as I have said before I love your idea of using the Iron Man colour scheme for Rook - great choice.

The Gentleman works really well, as do all three in fact.

The Wyrd (Malifaux) mini is very well done in my view - I love the choice of colours on that one.

It may sound odd, but how does your 'scoring' system work, and do all the Enfield guys use a similar scoring system?

undead_jon said...

Glad you like them :)

The scoring system works out as 1 point for a 28mm figure, 1/2 a point for 15mm, 40mm-54mm 2 points and though 6mm/10mm aren't usually scales I use but when I do I usually count it as 1 point/base of figures.

The rest of the guys that keep track use a variation on the same theme as far as I'm aware.

Thanks for the comments.