Sunday, 31 January 2010

Musings About Muses Pt1

No painting this week, there was a Blood Bowl 7's tournament held at the club yesterday and I spent a fair bit of time sorting out how the boards would be got to the right size. In the end a simple solution involving cardboard boxes cut into a "mask" to cover up the unused squares and thin card used to mark out the end zones and lines of scrimmage completed the whole thing rather well as it turned out.

My run of consistency at club events continued as I "won" the wooden spoon for coming last again...still, it was an enjoyable day and I think I came away with the most casualties caused over the day, (mainly due to the beat-down I gave Ian's female Norse team...though with 3 turns left of the game & all his team off the pitch injured or unconscious I still couldn't pick up the ball for the win Grrrr), so at least my team was good at something :)

So, as I have nothing to show or talk about regarding my painting projects but still trying to keep regular postings going I thought I'd wax a little lyrical about the people that have inspired me to do this hobby, the sculptor and painters that I admire.

Sculptors first. It's the mini's that get me hooked into a game or company, I don't think I've ever had a set of game rules because they were good, it's always the look of the miniatures that grabs my attention, the rules are a secondary concern.

Over the years I've come to own far more models than games system I've played & I've come to appreciate certain sculptors styles over others and will gladly pick up mini's by them even if I don't necessarily have a use for them at the time, (though I am trying to stop that these days, I really do need to work on the stuff I've got as much as possible without ading to it).

Thinking it over I've got a list of sculptor whose styles I really like and in no particular order they are:

Werner Klocke - turns out I have a few of Mr Klocke mini's, long before I put a name to the work I kept seeing mini's that I really wanted from a number of different companies & quite a lot of them turned out to be his. All 4 of my oft-mentioned fantasy heroes group are Werner Klocke sculpts.

Edgar Ramos - Love his H.O.S.T range and the self-sculpted Ramos model for Malifaux is one of my faves of the whole range.

Kev White - Mr Hasslefree has managed to get a fair bit of money out of me over the last few of years with no real use for any of the models, but damn if they don't paint up pretty fantasticly, I may not always have a use for them, but Hasslefree is the only exception I have to buying mini's don't have a definitive use for .

Steve Buddle - Eolith's founder is the 2nd of the sculptors on this list that frequent the Forum of Doom, one of my regular online hangouts (I tend to lurk rather than post, but every now and again I'll pop my head up). 54mm is a scale I have no experience with, no use for other than the love of painting, but still I return again & again and almost own the whole range, keep your eyes n the blog as I intend to get as many as possible painted this year.

Felix Paniagua - I really like the Trollblood faction for Hordes, in fact when Hordes Mk II comes out later this year I'll probably start a small force of them for the game. Mr Paniagua is the guy that sculpts most of them & his own miniatures over at Avatars of War are awsome.

Juan Diaz - Love or hate GW you have got to admit Juan Diaz is a great sculptor, he's responcible for some of the best mini's GW produce.

Brian Nelson - GW sculptor #2 and the man that re-defined what Space Orks were supposed to look like, since he's over at Forgeworld I've have to fight the urge to spend a horrendus amount of money there. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep it up.

Adam Clarke - FOD sculptor #3 on the list, Black Scorpion do make some fantastic mini's, the Fantasy Pirate range is probably my favorite, that Giant is brilliant.

Paul Muller - It's not just because he sculpted 2 of my favorite Pulp City A.R.C. mini's, although they did firmly cement his place on the list :) Paul Muller does muscle tone like no-one else, the Ghouls he did for Heresy were a great evolution to the ones he did for GW, and his Not-Frankenstein's Monster model is one that I have to find a use for soon.

Andy Foster - To round off the list we have the 4th and final member of the FOD sculptors, the man that does some of the finest gribblies around, as well as some great characters as well. The Dragon he's working on looks amazing.

OK, so those are the guy's who produce the mini's I really like & tend to be the ones I gravitate to if I see their work on a game or for a company.

Next time I'll talk about some of the painters that have inspired me to improve my skills.

'Till next Time


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