Friday, 1 January 2010

Merry New Year and Whatnot

So, what with the weather being cold & wet recently I didn't get a chance to finish off any of the last few 1000 Sons, leaving my painting points at 80 for the year, not as much as I'd have liked , but still a good total for me.

I have finally managed to get the last 5 1000 Sons undercoated yesterday so they will be the first mini's to get painted this year and I've now got the last 2 models I need for my solo fantasy campaign hero group stuck on bases so they will follow shortly after I've finished the Sons, more on them next time (hopefully with pictures).

Had a good Christmas, despite being on anti-biotics. I didn't get anything toy related, (unless you count GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra on Blu Ray), but I did spend some time contemplating the coming year and I think the plan I put up here last time should be fine, I may add some 54mm models from Eolith and Smartmax into the mix as well, though the Smartmax stuff will have to wait until after I get my car serviced & MOTed this month before I'll know if I can afford any toys for a few months & of course the redundancy is coming up fast, so I'll have to manage my money a bit better for a while until I know that I've got a steady income again.

Anyway, more soon, should have photos next time as well.


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