Tuesday, 8 January 2013

From one Extreme to the Other

So, after 3 months of not doing a whole lot of painting at all, in the past week or so I appear to have accidentally undercoated three dozen 15mm figures and a similar number of 28mm ones.

This whole "going with the flow" thing is all well and good, but I think a little planning might help out in the long haul...if only for storage purposes :)

Will sort everything out and work out some priorities.

Next post I'll try and have something to show.

'Til then, take care.



Pete W said...

I'd say just play it by ear Jon. I had been working really hard on a christmas sculpting / painting gift and after that I was a bit burned out from painting.

Then over the last couple of days I've just busted out the paint brushes and it's been a lot of fun. I'm also in a bit of a mix up as I was working on some Space Marine models when I knocked over my black paint pot.

In the scramble to reclaim the paint, I realised I couldn't get it all so I scrambled into the Dreadfleet box to get the models I hadn't undercoated and used as much of the spilled paint for that as I could before it dried.

With or without planning, you're still painting :-)

All the best


Simon Q said...

I know the feeling well. Have allsorts going on myself without much of it being completed to show.

I'm mooching through the leadpile to see what I fancy painting up.