Tuesday, 20 January 2015

We Built This City - Prelude

So, with the imminent arrival of my terrain tiles from Secret Weapons miniatures I thought I'd make a progress blog about getting it painted up and making scenery to go with it, I'll do a first impressions post when the tiles actually get here (hopefully tomorrow) but for now here's some of the bits I started putting together last year.

Road signs are made from brass rod, styrene sheet and the printouts from Worldworks Games, the streetlamps are from Fenris games.  The Billboard is the same as the road signs except the billboard itself is made using foamed PVC.  The first two buildings are from Worldworks' original Streets of Mayhem range resized to a 6" footprint (originally it was 7") and pasted onto a foamcore shell, the final building is from WWG's Swiftscenics range and didn't need any resizing.

My inspiration for some of the buildings is the Saints Row games (3 & 4 in particular) so I'll be doing some more stores from Steelport before I'm finished, I also have a fair few Stoelzel's Structures buildings I'm planning to put together as well so there's plenty more to come.

Until next time, take care.



Simon Quinton said...

They look great. Nice one!

pulpcitizen said...

Nice work with the terrain Jon. :)

Carl Stoelzel said...

Lovely looking stuff, can't wait to see to more.

Carl Stoelzel said...
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