Monday, 31 December 2012

Uncharted Seas Redux

Here we are as promised with the Uncharted Seas minis.

For those of you with long memories I got into Uncharted Seas when it first came out and I got the original Orc box set when it was released. We all enjoyed the game at the club and I ran a big league a couple of years ago, then things quietened down and my models ended up in the loft where they sat until I saw Spartan were bringing out a hardback rulebook and as I hadn't picked up the 2nd edition softcover I decided to pick it up and expand my force.

However my original Orc fleet was the old, hand sculpted style and Spartan had since moved over to computer designed models and re-released the whole range and I REALLY liked the new models. But I thought “you know what I'll just get the new models for the ships I don't have and nothing else”. That's when I remembered I'd based all my original models on plasticard with sculpted greentuff waves. Well after an evening of trying to replicate the effect on one of the old models I hadn't got round to completing the first time out I realised I was going to go nuts doing it with all the models and I'd never get anything done, plus I REALLY liked the new models...

So I ended up replacing everything I had with the new versions and I have to say I'm very glad I did, the computer design is superb and a whole level above the old stuff.

So, without further ado, here's my new, old fleet:


I still want to put some kind of iconography on the sails but i haven't worked out what I want to do yet.

If you're curious about the differences between the old and new versions here are some comparisons:

As you can see the level of detail and scale on the newer models is vastly superior, even the pewter sails have more definition.

Anyway I hope you all like.

More soon.


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