Saturday, 28 January 2012

Necromunda Gang

A little later than I'd intended, but here are the first set of minis completed this year. They're for my Cawdor gang that I'm using in the current club Necromunda campaign:

My leader and 2 heavies (W/Heavy Stubber & Grenade Launcher)



and the gangers they'll grow in to.

Finally a Bounty Hunter made from my bits-box and some greestuff who joins the gang when they can afford him.

I kept the colour scheme pretty simple out of necessity as I only had a short time to get them done before I needed to use them.

The bases are all made using embossed plasticard, bits from my bits-box and a couple of signs/posters from some old GW pdf's for City Fight terrain.

I like how they turned out, need to get a few more though as at the moment the small number of models I've got means I'm on break tests in a couple of turns if the dice go against me (and they're dice, so they usually go against me;).

More soon


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