Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Different Path

So, we have ourselves another update, and we will begin with the latest finished minis, beginning with Rich C's latest batch of Thousand Sons:

Rich isn't overly fond of the Chaos Raptor models GW produce, so asked me to slap some Assault Marine jump packs on a box of Thousand Sons, I think it works well, though you can't get too creative with poses as the heads and packs will only fit together one way and I had to cut down the edges of some of the shoulder pads to make it work, all in all though I think they came out really well.

Next completed minis are for Pulp City, Red Riding Hoodoo and Zombie Wolf:

And I also have a resource and some minions for the game as well:

Gentleman's sniper rifle.

A trio of spybots.

On the WiP front I'm trying to figure out the colour scheme for Rich C's Anubis figure, (from this post), the main problem is that Rich wants to use him with both his Devourer's and his Thousand Sons and combine both schemes which means reds, blues, greens and yellows coming together and not looking jarring, something that is causing me a few issues at the moment.

However, I do have an alternate commission to get me away from my Anubis problems as at Thursday's Star Wars RPG session Charlie gave me a big box filled with 4 smaller boxes:

For a while now Ian's been bringing Spartan Games' latest offering, Dystopian Wars, to the club along with his Prussian and American naval and land fleets. Charlie's been enjoying playing and so has invested in the British and Japanese fleets for land and sea, and he's asked me to paint them for him, starting with the Japanese fleet.

Figuring I could probably do a good job fairly quickly I've spent the weekend getting them sorted and ready for paint, here's a shot of them Saturday morning after some priming:

The 10 small flyer bases and one of the frigates needed a bit more work on them before I can undercoat them, but the rest of the box was straight forward to do, although the battleship was missing the correct parts for both the shield generator and the disruption generator which was somewhat inconvenient. Also some of the cleanup was a pain, lumps of resin in annoying places mainly, which was a shame as otherwise the quality of the resin casting is very good.

Anyway, here's a pic of the current state of play:

The four frigates on the left are done, the four on the right need a bit of red on the noses and then a Gryphonne Sepia wash before highlighting begins. The first four took a little longer than I'd have liked, but I was figuring out the colour scheme as I went. Now I know what I'm doing I expect the rest of the figures to go a lot quicker.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll post a few more updated on the fleet painting soon.

Stay tuned.


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