Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Vagaries of Inspiration

Recently I've been getting a lot of ideas for gaming, some from simply seeing something and wanting to emulate it, some from somewhat more obscure places.

On the obscure front I've come up with a new villain for Pulp City after listening to a song on a Bad Religion album, not sure exactly what to do with him yet, I think I'll wait to see what Supreme Genesis 4 is looking for before deciding.

In slightly more ordinary terms thanks to a video game I've come up with the main McGuffin for the 3rd D&D adventure that I can start seeding ideas for inro the current one I'm running.

And on a terrain front seeing the pictures from Gencon showing the Pulp City games I was hit by the revelation that 2'x 2' board is all I need to play the game, (not sure why it didn't occur to me before, but it didn't), and I already have 2 boards that size I made up when AT-43 came out as 4'x2' is the Rackham official tournament table size. Of course I only used them twice I think (maybe 3 times) as the size of our armies at the club quickly expanded far beyond them.

As you can see, they're perfect for secret military bases, evil lairs and Danger Rooms. And as both boards are only painted on the one side it means I can paint up the other sides to represent other environments.

So a trip to Homebase and 4 coats of green woodstain later I now have a green board that I intend to add the following scenic elements to.

The rubbish bins on the right are from Antenociti's Workshop whilst the planters and park benches are from Fenris Games, here are a couple of close up shot of the benches:

And yes, they are as finicky as they look to put together, though definitely worth it IMO.

All I need to do now is make up some pathways and order a centerpiece for the board from Thomarillion and hope the weather sorts itself out long enough for me to undercoat everything and get the board varnished.

Should have more soon.


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