Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Empire Strikes First

So, long time no update, sorry 'bout that just haven't had anything to post for a while, I seemed to start a lot of stuff and be unable to finish it or get it to a point that it was even WiPable really.

I've finally managed to get a few things done enough to show, but I won't be able to get photo's up till tomorrow. Still I felt like bloging something today just to prove to myself I still can if nothing else.

So tomorrow, prepare to see a vehicle completed, a horny monster and some more Pulp City mini's in various states of paintedness (and possibly a few less words being made up by me :)

On some non-mini related news, saw the announcement trailer for Bioshock Infinite ridiculously excited about this I'm positively giddy, can it be 2012 already?

'Till tomorrow


1 comment:

superherofigurehunter said...

Glad to see an update and hopefully we will see more updates tomorrow.

what vehicle have you been working on and for which game/range?

Glad to see more posting. :)