Sunday, 2 May 2010

Almost nearly

Almost managed three weeks in a row, unfortunately the weather last week prevented me from finishing up Howler & Frances Gator, and then I got a little distracted by a few things so didn't really have anything to post for last week.

Anyway, Howler & Frances are now done & pics can be found here & here for your perusal, (the pics are on p.2 of the forum link).

I have started a couple of more PC figures, in the form of A.R.C.s very own Dynamic Duo, Apebot & Virus

I think Apebot's going to get a bit of colour added to him somewhere, but I haven't quite worked out where exactly that's going to be yet, possibly the knees & elbows, maybe the chest as well, I'll see where the moment takes me when I do it.

Virus needs some highlighting done and the glove sorted out, but he's coming along nicely.

However, they will have to wait a little bit longer to be completed as Richard has asked me to try & finish up his Devourers of Vile-Tis minis for Confrontation. Now as I've had them for about 2 years now I think it's a fair request, & it seems Malk, who comes to the club to play Uncharted Seas, wants a game of Confrontation v.3 against Richard at some point soon, so I will have to try and get the remaining 9 mini's finished, (If you're interested, the seven completed minis from the set can be viewed here, scroll down almost to the bottom of the page).

As you can see from the above pic, the 2 minis on the lower-right are getting there, & have been for about a year. At least I've got the rest of them stuck together now, (or at least all-bar-one. As with all Rackham's metal minis, they look fantastic, but for some reason they can be Soooooo frustrating to put together, I don't know why it is,but I advise against sticking/pinning Rackham's stuff together around young children, they may learn words you don't want them too ;)

Anyway, should have new pics of these guys a little further along the path to completion next week.

Take it easy & enjoy the bank holiday (if you're in the UK).


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