Monday, 14 January 2008

2 down, umpteen to go

Ok, a little later than I'd originally intended to update, but a bout of man flu put something of spanner in those works.

Still better late than never, and I can happily report I have actually completed 2 minis...the first 2 minis for my Necromancer Bloodbowl team to be exact & I've also made headway on 10 zombies for the team as well, all going well I should have them finished by Sunday.

OK, so I have managed to take a photo of my current Work in Progress:

The front 3 rows (all on the table) are all for my Blood Bowl team, as are the 2 Wraiths at the front of my spraying stand (the completed miniatures mentioned earlier) & the book-holding angel back-left of the pic (it'll be added to the Head coach base when completed).

The final 4 miniatures are for Richard's Devourers army, they just need bases done for them & a few bloody splatters on weaponry & whatnot to be finished.

So, for the first time this year I can update my tally (not quite up the Shaun's standards admittedly, but I'm happy with it as I probably painted only 15-20 last year all told).

Miniatures Painted to date (14/01/08) = 2
Projects completed = 0/5.

Hopefully much more to come soon.

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