Friday, 14 March 2014

Welcome to an actual update

First up I'd like to welcome Sidewinder to the blog, thank you for following my occasional ramblings and mini photos.

And on those lines I'd like to show you the two Dystopian Wars Land Fleets that I've finally got painted up for Charlie, first up the Empire of the Blazing Sun:

O-I 'Taka-Ashi' Heavy Walker w/HQ Tower

O-I 'Taka-Ashi' Heavy Walker w/Main Turret

Type II 'Chi-Ri' Medium Tank

Ho-I Class Mobile Bombard

Ke-Ho Small Tanks
There are 11 of the small tank bases as somehow one got into the Kingdom of Britannia sea fleet box instead of a flyer ?!?

And speaking of the Kingdom of Britannia, here is their land fleet:

Sovereign Class Land Ship w/ Cathedral HQ

Sovereign Class Land Ship w/ Mortars

Sovereign Class Land Ship w/Top Mounted Turrets

MKII Class Tank

Cromwell Class Bombards

Terrier Class Small Tank
I hope you like these guys, they were quite fun to paint (if a little tricky in places).

Next up will be some more of Richard's Thousand Sons, maybe even by the end of the weekend.

Until then, take care.


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pulpcitizen said...

Nice to see an update.

And very nice paint work there. :)