Sunday, 3 February 2013

More Tales From Pulp City

And finally the Pulp City post is here, first off the newest models in the collection:

 First off we have Stinger, Scorpio Fencer.  He's the first of my Ulthar faction for the game and I want the colour scheme to run through all of the Ulthar miniatures.
 This is one of my favourite models for the game, Loup Garou II, from the Covern faction.  I've wanted the model since I saw the artwork in the rulebook and I've pretty much stuck with the books colour scheme, I really like how he turned out.
And finally, another Ulthar, this time Stormnblades, Libra Sensei.  The skin was a pain to get right but I've finally got it right as far as I'm concerned.

I hope you like these guy's I have a fair few more to go yet.

Now, for the Supreme Edition test game.

Well it went really well, even if it was just a solo run through, it helped me get my head round the changes and I have to say I really enjoyed it, and I think the board will work well too, here are some pics from the game:

 The initial set up, the board is a little sparse but I have a load of Copplestone Castings consoles to add to it.

The sides were Ace of Wraiths; Moonchild & Skyline for the Heroes and Guerilla; Chimp Chi & Howler for the Villains.
 Chimp Chi got into a brawl with Skyline early and was KO'd in one hit so Howler went in for revenge using his Gun Bravardo Action and scoring a hit, not just on Skyline but also getting a 5 on his dice meant he triggered an SFX for which he chose Extra Target, hitting Ace as well.

Later in the game Ace fires off his Queen of Blood Action, sending out a pulse of energy that does a large chunk of damage to Guerilla.

And which KO's Howler.

Of course that just hacked Guerilla off so he Slammed into Ace throwing a handfull of dice and KOing him just to prove who was boss.

Finally, Moonchild and Guerilla went toe to toe, both close to their last health point.  Guerilla managed to just win the initiative and with his size giving him the advantage was able to KO her winning the day for A.R.C. (albeit a slightly pyrrhic victory).

I really liked the old rules, but these new ones are better IMO.  Yes, the Supreme's have lost some of their powers/abilities, but the core of who each one is is still there.  Resouces are gone, as are Universal Actions and Skills, now everything you need to know about the Supreme you're using is on their card, if it's not on there then they can't do it and everything you need to know about the Actions or Powers you have are explained right there on the card so no more looking in the rulebook to figure things out.

By turn 3 I only needed to occasionally glance at the QRS to know what I needed for the bulk of the rules, only looking at the rulebook to find out what a specific effects meant.

I'm really enthusiastic about this game, I have been since I saw the first Guerilla sculpt way back when and I immediately joined the forums, this new direction the games taking is one I was a little concerned about, but the team behind the rules have done a great job and I'm looking forward to demoing some games down at the club soon and hopefully converting more people to the cause.

Anyway, that's it for this post, more soon.

Take care.