Wednesday, 9 May 2012

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

As promised here's the update I mentioned on Sunday.

I've managed to get another of Charlie's Dystopian Wars Japanese fleet models finished, this time it's the Mechanical Ika.

The submerged version at the top was a simple enough paint job, the full tentacled version was a little more hassle and it took me a couple of goes at the wave effect on the bases before I was happy with the result, but I'm really happy with them both now.

I hope you like.

The weather is supposed to be better at the weekend so I may get some more stuff done then, but I'm not going to promise anything as the muse is still being somewhat fickle when it comes to painting at the moment.

Anyway, 'til next time.

Take care.



CPBelt said...

Very cool. I love the save effects. You got it just right. Any tips on how you did it and colors used? Same for the ships. I always like to learn how others paint their models.

I keep thinking about starting Dystopian Wars, but I have a pile of unpainted Aeronef fleets waiting to be painted for three years now!

BTW we've started our rainy season here in Central Florida, so I know what you mean about rain and weather!

CPBelt said...

Wave effects I mean! Posting from my phone can be a pain at times! ;-)

undead_jon said...

Glad you like them.

For all of Charlie's Japanese ships I've used a grey/green mix, in this case Foundry's Storm Green A mixed with their Slate Grey A (2:1 mix), then wash with GW Gryphonne Sepia (or whatever the equivalent is in the new set).

Then I highlight all the flat areas with Storm Green B/Slate Grey B (2:1 again), followed lastly by edging the model with Storm Green C/Slate Grey C (2:1).

Metals are done using GW metallics with a Badab Black/Devlan Mud wash after the Boltgun Metal basecoat.

As for the waves, I started with a Vallejo Flat Blue. I then applied an Asurmen Blue wash into the recesses, then I began adding white to the blue and highlighting the waves a couple of times before switching to pure white for the crests. I kept all the highlight layers fairly light, and tried not to apply the paint in a pretty loose way to try and give the wave effect I wanted, and I kept the paint pretty thin as well as it provides a better look IMO.

Hope that helps.


Scrollmaster said...

Very cool, Jon. Looks like a great world setting. How's the game play?

undead_jon said...

Hi Rob, long time no see, hope you're well.

I haven't played Dystopian Wars itself yet (I'm waiting to see what the Ottomans look like), but I'm a fan of Uncharted Seas which uses the same mechanics.

The games are fast and pretty brutal and a lot of fun. The rules are pretty straight forward and easy to pick up in just one game, I think it's worth looking into if your looking for something quick and relatively straight forward to get into.