Sunday, 3 April 2011

Welcome, Welcome & Finally an Update

First off I'd (slightly belatedly) like to welcome my 2 newest followers SR and Rich Jones.

SR is the man behind the Cut into the Earth blog which has got me all excited about the idea of terrain making again, a lot of really inspirational stuff there (his circus board for Eden is feckin' awesome).

Mr Jones is a man I know well as he's been attending my local gaming club for a good few years now and is man of many talents, including rules writing, having written Flying Lead for Ganesha Games, The Beautiful Game for Two Hour Wargames as well as his self published oriental skirmish rules Bushi No Yume. He's also had a hand in the development of the rules used by Spartan Games and is a throughly good chap to boot, so go check his blog out and see what he's up to.

Now, as you may have noticed, I failed quite epically to post an update when I said I would last month, sorry for that, I seem to have had a slight motivational block going on as far as the blog is concerned lately, but I think it's departed now so hopefully my updates should become more frequent from now on.

So, what am I up to I hear you ask? Well, Rich C (aka shadoblade) from my gaming club asked me to paint up some more of his Thousand Sons squads (some of which are for an upcoming Apocalypse game), so far I've completed 2 Havok squads with a Lightning Claw armed Terminator squad just needing flocking and varnishing and Abadon himself 3/4 finished to go with the squad.

Here are the 2 completed squads:

I should have a couple more squads finished by next week.

I've also been getting to paint some of my own stuff in between being given new 1000 Sons squads to paint & I do a little bit of my own projects on the weekends as well. So far I've painted up some more Hasslefree Grymn + Powered Armour Libby for a 5150 campaign Rich J ran at the beginning of the year:

As well as most recently finishing off the last few models I needed for my Mordheim Possessed Warband:

The first 2 chaps are Darksouls, while the rest should be self explanatory. With these guys done I can now field every choice in the rulebook.

And finally, I got round to completely finishing off my Star Wars RPG character Zhaan Kor just in time for the restart of Steve campaign, not enough to get me any painting points but I thought I'd show him off anyway:

Right, so that's all for now, I should be back next week with a few more pics and a lot more babbling incoherence (i.e. normal service will be resumed ;0)

So until then, take care.


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Rich Jones said...

Kind words sir :)