Sunday, 3 February 2008

So, I kinda skipped a week there, wasn't intentional, but finishing the 10 zombie repaints took a little longer than I'd anticipated.

Anyway, they're all done now & you can check them out in they're new Displaced Miniatures Gallery.

The Mousillon Bodysnatchers had their first game last Tuesday & as with any BB team I've fielded they managed to loose their opening game, this was partly down to the Harbinger of Nurgle, (also known as Steve), distracting me by coughing his lurgie over every square inch of the playing surface, minis & indeed me, he also cheated for the first few turns as he conveniently "forgot" that the pictures on he dice represented 1's & not 6's as he'd been moral victory to me then :0), in the end though my dice rolls let me down when it came to scoring chances, though not, I'm pleased to say when it came to beating up on Steve's team, I actually won the beat down 5-3 which was nice.

I also made a couple of tactical mistakes...namely setting up an offence when I was defending & then setting up a defence when I actually had the ball. Still, you live & learn, next time it'll be different (probably 'cause I'll end up against Ian & get completely dismantled...but it will be different :0)

Anyway, only the 1 mini in the WiP pic tonight, Head coach of the Mousillon Bodysnatchers Atticus Van Garrett:

New Tally:

Miniatures Painted to date (03/02/08) = 17
Projects completed = 0/5.

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